Jack Diamond rebroadcast

Thursday 7 September 2023 6:00am to 10:00am
Rebroadcast from Monday 5 January 2009 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Planets   Chunky
B Jennings Jackson   A Smoooooothe One Cool Gator, J McDuff, Prestige
Esquivel   Sentimental Journey
Alan Hawkshaw   Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue KPM, 1969
Leith Stevens Orch   Plasma Scotch and WHAT ????? The Interns OST
Camille Sauvage   Petroleissimo MP22, 1974
Nino Nardini   Jungle Mood Nature Nocturne IM 21
Marshall McLuhan   The Medium is The Massage Columbia
Jimmy Bryant   Caravan Fastest Gtr in The Country, Imperial
Quincy Johnes   Abso-Bleedin-Usely Walk Dont Run OST
Laurence Stephen Orch   Export New Generation, DeWolfe
Barry Mann   Angel Angel Down We Go Angel Angel Down We Go OST
Rita   Super Erotica
Paul Dupont   The Hustlers 1974, Roger Webb title
Cops and Robbers Radio Spot  
John Corgliano   1st Transformation Altered States OST
Henry Mancini   The STREETS ! Of San Francisco Cop Show Themes
Georges Raudi   Stercock
Lalo Schfrin   Rollercoaster
Robert Prince   Prologue West Side Story Ballet
Del Close   The DIY Psychoanalysis Kit Hanover
Russ Garcia   Smogville Bethlehem, 190 Inch
David Perian   Crazy Carioca Chappel, France
Arel/Petit   Twiggys Tune Chappell DMM3
JJ Perrey Saturian Sleighride
Ken Nordine   The Wet Stranger DOT Masters
Pierro Umiliani   Coup de Filet Guerre et Destruction 1, MP 2000
101 Strings with Bebe Bardon   Je 't'aime Sounds of Love, Alshire
Unknown   Exotica Orch, Wordless Chappell,
Ken Nordini   What Time is It ??? Word Jazz, Dot, 1957
Sid Ramin   Stiletto Main Title Stiletto OST
Alan Parker   Travvelin' THEMES TIM 1002
Dave Gruisin   Gasoline Alley Winning OST
Marie-Claude Robert   Supernatural Side 1 MP 2000, France
Bobby and Betty Go To The Moon   Side 1 (mixed w/ The Suernatural)
I Schmidt   In Calcutta Harmonic Library`
Pierro Umilianni   Echoes of Nature
Rene Costy   Delirium 1974
R Wilhelm   Breakup Harmonic
Alan Hawkshaw   Senor Thump KPM, 1969
Unknown   Track 5 Chappel CHAP219
Janco Nilovic   Chorus for Leslie Montparnasse, MP 2000
Eddie Warner   Serum of Truth IM 22, Cops Crooks and Spies
Eddie Warner   Police Python Same
Serge Gainsbourg   En Melody
Gary Bellingham   Strange Dream
Screaming Nijgers   Rolling Bones CMM 12, Chappell
Jim Lawless   Tribal Warfare
Georges Teperino   Cleopatra IM, 17
Unknown   Exotic Library
Wee   Leaving You Alone You Can Fly On My Aeroplane
Wee   Put It In Real Good You Can Fly On My Aeroplane
Boneschi Electronic Combo   The Latest Fashion 1973, Italy
Ken Nordine   Confessions of 013-04-1920 Dot Masters
Jacques Lasry-Bernard Bachet   Mariendbad Patchwork Lib. 32, France
Ennio Morricone   Camera Anodizta Holocost 2000
Peter Rugolo   Diamond on The Move JD1111J@GMail.com