Saturday 9 September 2023 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:04am Autopsia   Archive (Bonus Track not on tape) In Vivo Staalplaat
2:10am Obscure Heaven   Her Laugh Woman Named Death Wall Noise Action
2:23am Ambigere   Sax Courante #1 Festering Season MooseHaus Records
2:27am Aphex Twin   Blackbox Life Recorder 22 [Parallax Mix] Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760 Warp Records, Ltd.
2:31am Gruntsplatter   hunting extinction A Fatal Circle Raubbau
2:39am Hauras   Chant For Geraldine The Gyre Katuktu Collective
2:40am Tim Hecker   Pulse Depression No Highs Kranky
2:42am Lebanon Hanover   Gallowdance Gallowdance aufnahme + wiedergabe
2:46am Selofan   La Indrustria Del Sexo Cine Romance Fabrika Records
2:49am Cardopusher   Regress to Nowhere Muscle Memory Dark Entries
2:51am Dispel   Journey Into Limbo Unearth'd Broken Sound Tapes
2:57am Cocteau Twins   hitherto BBC Sessions BBC
2:58am Jarboe   Vomit Veritas Shrine Beautamous Loaf International
3:02am Ahlzagailzehguh + Viodre   Rain Makes the Womb AHLZVIODRE No Rent
3:13am Hidhawk/Mike Meanstreetz/Mike Glover   I nettnettradio no1 Fundraiser Edition nett nett radio
3:14am Joe Papa   Scat Fuck Party Dry Lungs 5 #1 Subterranean
3:18am Celebrity Appeciation Security   A New Path Through Tears Selected Case Studies Vol 3 Institute of Paraphilia Studies
3:24am Howie B   Switch Turn The Dark Off Island Records Inc.
3:24am Inkarose   Return to River A Love Letter to Water Constellation Tatsu
3:26am Elden M. Jupitter-Larsen   Live At DA Center For Stray Dog Compilation Oxen
3:35am Staubitz and Waterhouse   Vocaloids Out and About Gertrude Tapes
3:37am Paul Lemos   Hog Tied Shrine Beautamous Loaf International
3:45am Night Battles   Summer of Loathe Unearth'd Broken Sound Tapes
3:49am Bauhaus   Boys Goth Box Cleopatra Records
3:52am Detoxi   Death of a Nation First Flesh Bat-Cave
3:55am Buzz   Berlin See You Sioux Dark Entries
4:00am Circle Of Ouroborus   Intro Thurisa Final Agony Records
4:02am Blind Date   Your Biggest Fans Blood Lake, NY White Centipede
4:17am Golden Hallway Music   Now Wonder 1 Rules & Chance Vol. 3 Not Not Fun Records
4:20am Raja Kirik   Tanah Prahara Rampokan Nyege Nyege Tapes
4:31am Stefana Fratila   Mercury I Want to Leave This Earth Behind Not Not Fun Records
4:32am Now in Darkness World Stops Turning   Aqualung Discography No Rent
4:35am Meridian   Masquerade (Possession Mix) Goth Box Cleopatra Records
4:40am SDH   Hollowed Out Fake is Real Avant!
4:44am Modern Art   Hello/Goodbye Underwater Kites Color Tapes
4:51am Solemn Shapes   Animalism Animalism Solemn Shapes Release
4:56am Yama Uba   After The Tower No Silence - Sounds of The Underground Psychic Eye
5:01am Bande Berne Cremetoire   The Hot Seat for Traitors 3 6X10=60 (Korm Plas.) Korm Plastics
5:06am Bill Orcutt   What Do You Do With Memory? Jump On It Palilalia
5:07am Worth   Chirping Head Sacred Violence Noise White Centipede
5:14am John Wiese   Side a Magnetic Stencil 2 Gilgongo Records
5:18am Human Mesh Dance   Rotating Mirror Dsm Mindspore Records
5:21am The Haters   Drunk on Decay 2004 Decaying Behavior Deadline Recordings
5:28am Ennio Morricone   Citta' di Notte Opposte Esperienze Cometa Edizioni Musicali
5:38am Der Blutharsch & Aluk Todolo   Untitled IV The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand - A Collaboration WKN
5:39am Cyberplasm   Autogenesis Autogenesis Iron Lung Records
5:42am ?   Intro (Live Bleeding Two) Dry Lungs 5 #2 Subterranean
5:42am Cranioclast   Careful! Dry Lungs 5 #2 Subterranean
5:48am Deutsch Nepal   Tender Love Karmanik Cold Meat Industry
5:50am Ramleh   Skinhead Moonstomp Shrine Beautamous Loaf International
5:53am Sectarian Bloom   Behind The Sun No Silence - Sounds of The Underground Psychic Eye
5:56am Class Info   Out of Line Minimal Wave Tapes, The Volume Two Minimal Wave