Ms. Conduct

Thursday 14 September 2023 2:00am to 7:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:00am Unknown   Unknown Cambodian Cassete Arch Sublime Frequencies
2:06am Fenn O'Berg   Adidas Sun Tanned Avant Man Stuck In an Elevator Magic & Return Mego
2:12am Brigitte Fontaine   God's Nightmare Kekeland Virgin Records
2:17am Michael Claus   Surface Refraction Lavender Palace 100% Silk
2:23am Aphex Twin   Blackbox Life Recorder 21f Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760 Warp Records, Ltd.
2:33am Stefana Fratila   Venus I Want to Leave This Earth Behind Not Not Fun Records
2:37am Dopplereffekt   Visual Cortex Neurotelepathy Leisure System Records
2:43am Serge Chaloff   A Handful of Stars Blue Serge Capitol Records
2:46am X Eyes   Live At Mata Live At Mata Kitty Play Records
2:56am Boris With Merzbow   Akirame Flower Gensho Relapse Records
3:09am Leonard, Cheryl E. and Wobbly   Ostrasidian Multiple Park Gilgongo Records
3:12am William S. Burroughs   Lock Them Out and Throw Away the Key Haxan Sotpackan
3:17am Antoni Maiovvi   Dreams Inside The Witch House Dead of Winter, The Redscroll
3:17am Cyberplasm   Neural Terror Autogenesis Iron Lung Records
3:23am Murmer   Maale Tether Helen Scarsdale Agency
3:29am Leitmotiv Limbo   Sweeping an Arc Superior State De La Catessen
3:32am Leadbelly   I Want to Go Home Leadbelly's Last Sessions Part One Folkways Records and Service Corp.
3:37am Leitmotiv Limbo   State of Trance Superior State De La Catessen
3:43am Swans   Mother's Milk Omniscience Young God Records/Sky
3:47am Jessica Moss   Uncanny Being [Violin Study #2] Galaxy Heart Constellation
3:54am CD 2 Fernandes, Adelina   Fado Anita Fado Lisboa-Coimbra 1926-1931 Fremeaux & Associes
3:57am Howard Stelzer   The Flemish Giants The Flemish Giants Love Earth Music
4:02am Swans   Cloud of Forgetting Glowing, Man, The Young God Records
4:23am Siobhan   Untitled Track 4 Mind Court Nostilevo
4:32am Tapes and Topographies   Drone For Ella Opiates Simulacra Records
4:35am Bitter Moon and After 5:08   Berliner Kinder Berliner Kinder Blau Blau Records
4:38am Hidhawk/Mike Meanstreetz/Mike Glover   II nettnettradio no1 Fundraiser Edition nett nett radio
4:45am S. Glass   Rise of The American Asshole Cesspool of The Angels Minimum Table Stacks
4:57am Mono No Aware   X Mujoo Hands
5:08am Mu-Ziq   Belt & Carpet 1977 Balmat
5:09am Don Carlos   Tribulation Dub Tribulation Attack Records
5:09am Pica   It's Coming (Remaster) Psychedelic Technoise Degenerate Trifecta
5:24am Gamelan Gong Kebyar of Belaluan, Denpasar   Kebyar Ding Part I Bali 1928, Vol. I: Gamelan Gong Kebyar World Arbiter
5:35am Pica   Cole's Hill Psychedelic Technoise Degenerate Trifecta
5:40am Howard Stelzer   The Flemish Giants The Flemish Giants Love Earth Music