Saturday 14 October 2023 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:01am Drudkh   Breath of Cold Black Soil (March) Eternal Turn of the Wheel Season of Mist
2:10am The Noriegas   Once Upon a Time in Emeryville Crosby, Stills, & Noise Self Release
2:12am Mayhem   Cursed in Eternity De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Century Media
2:18am Cannibal Corpse   Butchered at Birth Butchered at Birth Death Records
2:24am Witchrist   The Grand Tormentor The Grand Tormentor Osmose Productions
2:30am Seeds of Rape   Prayer Chain Prayer Chain God's America Release
2:32am Agalloch   Into The Painted Grey Marrow of The Spirit Profound Lore Records
2:46am Deathgrave   Live Fast Die Slow So Real, It's Now Tank Crimes
2:49am Vintlechkeit   Svartvinter... Svatskogen, Svartvinter... / Dodssted... Eternal Death
2:55am Nunslaughter   Burn In Hell Hells Unholy Fire Beautamous Loaf International
2:57am Body Void   Trauma Creature I Live Inside A Burning House Seeing Red Records
3:15am Bastard Collective   The Evil Man and His Tower / Conveyor Surveyor Bastard Collective / Mike Meanstreetz Black Claw Records
3:26am Vertonen   Die Schwerkraft Einige Schadstoffe Helen Scarsdale Agency
3:32am Sutekh Hexen & Funerary Call   Meridian 0 (exponent of zero) P:R:I:S:M Sentient Ruin Laboratories
3:36am George Jean Nathan   Band 6. Nos. 269, 270, 286... George Jean Nathan's The New American Credo Read By Julie Folkways Records and Service Corp.
3:43am Unsustainable Social Condition   Jesuit Drip Necessary Downfall Oxen
3:53am Arvo Zylo   June 28, 2011 - Side C (Continued) Radio Feedback Self Release
4:04am Evil Intention   Untitled 2 Ruthless Cruelty La Musica Records
4:12am Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind   Rocky Mountains Shining, The No Labels
4:15am John Krausbauer & David Maranha   bringing it back s/t Public Eyesore
4:22am FRKSE   New Lacerated Year Desecration Anxiety III Divergent Series
4:27am Harold Budd/Brian Eno   The Plateaux of Mirror Angels In The Architecture Virgin Records
4:31am Pengo   The Troubled Tango Escape to Never (Program for Melting) Carbon Records
4:41am Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith   To Feel Your Best Kid, The Western Vinyl
4:47am Yamila   Visions I (feat. Rafael Anton Irisarri) Visions Umor Rex Records
4:54am Talk West   Willow and the Dogwood Black Coral Sprig Scissor Tail
5:02am Gorilla Biscuits   High Hopes Gorilla Biscuits Revelation Records
5:04am Youth Brigade   What Will the Revolution... Sound & Fury Better Youth Records
5:09am Operation Ivy   Sound System Energy Lookout Records
5:14am Fugazi   23 Beats Off In on the Kill Taker Dischord
5:20am Spitboy   Sexism Impressed Spitboy Lookout Records
5:24am Sonic Youth   My New House 4 Tunna Brix Goofin' Records
5:34am The Cro-Mags   Death Camps Best Wishes Profile Records
5:39am Youth of Today   Expectations Can't Close My Eyes Caroline
5:43am Dead Kennedys   Pull My Strings Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death Alternative Tentacles
5:47am Adolescents   Kids of the Black Hole Adolescents Frontier
5:54am Jawbreaker   Bivouac Bivouac Tupelo/Communion