Saturday 28 October 2023 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:00am The Ramones   Pet Sematary (Single Version) Pet Sematary Sire/Warner Bros. Records
2:04am Samhain   Halloween II November-Coming-Fire Plan 9
2:07am Zombi (soundtrack)   L'alba Dei Morti Viventi Dawn of the Dead Runt
2:10am Vintlechkeit   Dodssted... Svatskogen, Svartvinter... / Dodssted... Eternal Death
2:24am Mutiilation   Ravens of my Funeral Vampires of Black Imperial Blood Drakkar Productions
2:32am Vlad Tepes   I Died From a Vampiric Grief La Morte Lune Tcfd
2:41am Lurker of Chalice   Granite Lurker of Chalice Southern Lord Recordings
2:46am Witchrist   Meditation For Sacrifice The Grand Tormentor Osmose Productions
2:53am Vordr   Temn Laida I Debemur Morti
2:58am Nunslaughter   Impale The Soul Hells Unholy Fire Beautamous Loaf International
3:00am King Diamond   Halloween Dark Sides, the Roadrunner Records
3:04am Deathgrave   Carcass Stew So Real, It's Now Tank Crimes
3:07am Moozzhead   Extreme Plumper Nights Thighmaster Rural Isolation Project
3:13am Valeria Tricoli & Werner Dafeldecker   Recovery Price Le Diable Probablement Eclectic Reactions
3:19am Gravetemple   I Ambient / Ruin Ideologic Organ
3:29am Black Funeral   Leviathan - The Black Oceans Roar Empire of Blood Full Moon Productions
3:32am Negative Vortex   ...of Broken Dreams Tomb Absolute Sentient Ruin Laboratories
3:37am Beherit   Messe Des Morts Messe Des Morts Werewolf Records
3:41am Body Void   Haunted I Live Inside A Burning House Seeing Red Records
4:01am Pengo   Loitering With Pengo Escape to Never (Program for Melting) Carbon Records
4:03am Leslie Keffer   Fauces Veiled Matter No Part of It
4:09am John Bischoff   Bitplicity Bitplicity Artifact Recordings
4:15am Arvo Zylo   November 29, 2011 - Side F Radio Feedback Self Release
4:18am Buck Owens   It's a Monster's Holiday Buck Owens Collection, 1959-1990 Disc 3 Rhino Records
4:23am Maurizio Bianchi   Track 1 Antarctic Mosaic Ees't
4:26am Neil Hamburger   Suicide America's Funnyman Drag City
4:32am Misha Panfilov   Stratum Repetitive Music Vol. 1 KJRPP
4:40am Roberto Opalio   Untitled Chants From Isolated Ghosts Important Records
4:43am Heilung   Keltentrauer Drif Season of Mist
4:54am Altar of Flies   Natt Vid Ensligt Vatten Let New Life Rise In The Face of Death Hasten & Korset
5:01am Speech After The Removal of The Larynx   Western Electric Speech After The Removal of The Larynx Fantome Phonographique
5:04am Lau Nau   Tulkaa! Kuutarha Locust Music
5:11am David Tudor   Phonemes (1981) Three Works For Live Electronics Lovely Music Ltd.
5:15am Aleister Crowley   Vive La France Black Magic Cleopatra Records
5:17am Sutekh Hexen & Funerary Call   Infernal Folly P:R:I:S:M Sentient Ruin Laboratories
5:22am Skin Crime   Ghosts I Have Been Ghosts I Have Been Hospital Productions
5:36am S. Glass   Undead Pomade For Frankenstein Mullet Cesspool of The Angels Minimum Table Stacks
5:41am The Noriegas   Drone Daddy-O))) Crosby, Stills, & Noise Self Release
5:52am Christian Fennesz & Jim O'Rourke   I Just Want You To Stay It's Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry Editions Mego