Sunday 12 November 2023 3:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:01am Crispin Glover   These Boots Are Made for Walking Big Problem, The Restless Records
3:04am Alessandro Moreschi   Crucifixus
3:07am Valeria Tricoli & Dafeldecker   Recovery Price Le Diable Probablement Eclectic Reactions
3:14am Ride For Revenge   Hartsimainen Klooni Itsestaan Thy Horrendous Yearning Hells Headbangers
3:20am Illusion of Safety   Groundswell Horns Organ Choir Drone NO PART OF IT
3:25am Bruce Nauman   Good Boy Bad Boy
3:37am Sshe Retina Stimulants   Kusa'i An Introductive Statements On Noise Debris Art Kusa'i Influencing Machine
3:48am Mystifier   The Witness (Intro)/Mystifier Tormenting the Holy Trinity Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:52am Diamanda Galas   The Litanies of Satan Litanies of Satan, the Y Records
3:57am Alison Knowles   Natural Assemblage Fluxus Anthology Zona Archives
4:01am Laibach   Opus Dei Opus Dei
4:06am Christian Marclay   Manipulated Records Record Without a Cover Locus Solus
4:13am Novy Svet   Blind ...into Your Skies Reue Um Reue
4:20am Ezra Pound   Cantico Del Sole Ezra Pound Reading His Poetry Caedmon
4:25am Yellow Eyes   old alpine pang Immersion Trench Reverie Gilead Media
4:32am Moozzhead   Loins Of Perpetual Adoration Thighmaster Rural Isolation Project
4:33am Meredith Monk   Overture and Men's Conclave Dolmen Music ECM GmbH
4:42am Arvo Zylo   June 28, 2011 - Side C (Continued) Radio Feedback NO PART OF IT
4:45am Network (film)   The World Is a Business
4:49am FRKSE   Jai Maa Desecration Anxiety III Divergent Series
4:52am Oranssi Pazuzu   Vino Verso Valonielu Svart Records
4:57am Silk Saw   Konservatorium Empty Rooms Ant-Zen
5:00am Pauline Oliveros   Rattlesnake Mountain Accordion & Voice Important Records
5:08am Wayne Bell & Tobe Hooper   Texas Chainsaw Massacre (soundtrack)
5:08am Karlheinz Stockhausen   Stimmung, Work No. 24 (excerpts): Warming Up, Leading to Mod Music of The 20th Century Naxos
5:22am Gnaw Their Tongues   The Uncomfortable Silence In Between Beatings Collected Atrocities 2005-2008 Crucial Blast
5:27am J. Peterson   Worse Than That/Trouver La Paix Interieure Refusal Wonderland Media
5:30am Phlegm   Robocock Poppin' and Milkin' Jerker Productions
5:34am Gonkulator   Full Moon Over Schlagen Second War In Heaven Fudgeworthy
5:37am Terry Riley   Olson III Olson III Cortical Foundation
5:39am Sutekh Hexen & Funerary Call   Perilous Shade P:R:I:S:M Sentient Ruin Laboratories
5:43am Charlie Chaplin   The Great Dictator
5:46am Soriah   Ofrendas De Luz a Los Muertos Ofrendas De Luz a Los Muertos Beta-Lactam Ring Records
5:49am Mono No Aware   ISX 27 Mujoo Hands