Cap'n Jack

Wednesday 15 November 2023 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Jean Jaques P   Whats Up Duck
Daffy and Bugs   Duck Season
Coyle and Sharpe   Money in yo Head
Swedish Chef   Cholcolate Moose
Story:   The Camel Who Took A Walk
Teresa Brewer   Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Goldfinger, Dear Heart & Other Great Movie Songs Mercury Records
Walking bear   Haha Hoo
Miss Piggy   Snackcercise
Story:   The Story About Ping
Gulliver's Travels Beyond The Moon (Milton & Anne DeLugg)   Deedle-Dee-Dum Gulliver's Travels Beyond The Moon Mainstream Records
Brian & Krysstal   Knock Knock
Phyllis Diller   Cheese and Turkey Are You Ready For Phyllis Diller? Verve/MGM
Alvarius B   I'll Carry Your Dwarf
Granny   Granny's Holiday Fruitcake
Hee Haw Cast   The Gossip Girls
Dr. Gonzo   Beam Me Up , Scotty Doc of Comedy Rock, the Dublab Records
Rick Dees   Listener Survey Hurt Me Baby-Make Me Write Bad Vibraphone Records
Drimble Wedge   Bedazzled
Weird Al Yankovic   Stop Draggin' My Car Around Weird Al Yankovic Rock & Roll Records
Spike Jone and His City Slickers   Cocktails For 2
Peppa Pig   Roller Disco
David Seville   Purple People Eater
Hanna-Barbera Singers   Yogi Bear Golden Cartoons In Song Hanna Barbera Records
Jump N The Saddle   Curly Shuffle
Julie Brown   Homecoming Queen
Kersplat!   Cats Don't Like Candy
P.D.Q. Bach   The Stoned Guest-Completion Stoned Guestanother, the Vanguard
Woody & Louise  
Barnes & Barnes   Fish Heads Fish Heads Luminous Flux
Two Cats   Talking
Steven Wright   Dog Stay I Have a Pony Aspen
The Beatle Barkers   We can Work It Out
Shanty Synth Addict   Impromptu Silly Sounds
The [coll]: Wrestling Album   Rowdy Roddy piper Wrestling Album, the Epic