Saturday 2 December 2023 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:02am The Stranglers   Waltzinblack Meninblack, the Liberty Records
2:03am Venom   Women Leather and Hell At War with Satan Neat Records
2:07am The Four Freshmen   Lulu's Back In Town Swingers, The Capitol Records
2:09am Merzbow   Tatara Antimonument Art Directe
2:16am Gorepot   MomSaysICanBeAnyoneIWantedToBeButTurnsOut Gorepot / Pizza Burrito Imploding Sounds
2:20am Vlad Tepes   Returning to My Old Battlegrounds/Frozen Dead's Kingdom Black Legions Spirits Unholy Penis Productions
2:27am Sarcofago   Nightmare I.N.R.I. Greyhaze
2:32am Atrax Morgue Featuring Morder Machine   DeathShow DeathShow Slaughter Productions
2:42am The Darts   Intersex Snake Oil Alternative Tentacles
2:44am Channel 3   Catholic Boy American Youth Report Thunderbolt
2:46am The Sick Lipstick   Pretend I'm Sleeping Sting Sting Sting Tigerstyle
2:49am Brittle Stars   On The Cusp of Infinity Otto; Or, Up With Dead People Crippled Dick Hotwax
3:01am Alberich   Radio Op Quantized Angel Hospital Productions
3:05am Ethel Azama   Happy Talk Exotic Dreams: The Enticing Voice of Ethel Azama Liberty Records (UK)
3:13am Muslimgauze   Red Crescent Part 3 Art of Muslimgauze, the Extreme Records
3:15am Fumio Kosokai   (wave) violin traveler The Warm Garden Skeleton Dust Records
3:23am Schloss Tegal   Anti-life Equation Neoterrik Research: The Hidden History of Schloss Tegal Cold Spring Records
3:29am Charles Amirkhanian   Dreams Freud Dreamed 12th International Sound Poetry Festival Recital
3:34am Hauras   Chant for Mamiko Pervades Helen Scarsdale Agency
3:40am Charlie Draheim   Untitled 1 This Man, This Skull Chondritic Sound
3:46am Nurse With Wound   Bei Mir Bist Du Schon Bacteria Magnet Cargo Records
3:52am Genophobia   Wearing Masks Neurodivergent Rural Isolation Project
3:54am Maurizio Bianchi   Har-Maghedon - Apocalyptic Dissonance Blut Und Nebel Slaughter Productions
3:56am Kyle Vegter and Ben Kauffman   It's Alive! Manual Cinema's Frankenstein Manual Cinema
4:01am Swans   Blind Love Feel Good Now Love One
4:07am Al Bowlly With Ray Noble and His Orchestra   Midnight, The Stars and You Shining, The No Labels
4:11am Xiu Xiu   Rose of Sharon La Foret 5 Rue Christine
4:15am Voivod   This Is not An Exercise Killing Technology Earmark
4:20am Slug Guts   Blacksports Playin' In Time With The Deadbeat Sacred Bones Records
4:22am Bill Orcutt   At a Distance Music for Four Guitars Palilalia
4:24am Wolf Eyes   Enemy Ladder I Am a Problem: Mind In Pieces Third Man Records
4:27am This Heat   Graphic/Varispeed Health and Efficiency Rough Trade
4:31am Colin Andrew Sheffield   Images Images Elevator Bath
4:42am Chuck Wayne   While My Lady Sleeps Jazz Guitarist, The Savoy Jazz
4:42am Sharkiface   Asbo Sharkiface / Anti-ear: Split Cassette Boc Recordings
4:52am Mild Monk   In Flight (OP-1) Pocket Comforts Needle to the Groove
5:00am Ankylosaurus   More of an Awareness than a Practice Willfully Ceased to Exist Carbon Records
5:06am Eliane Radigue   Usral Feedback Works 1969-1970 Alga Marghen
5:10am Santo & Johnny   I Wish You Love Wish You Love Canadian-American Records, Ltd.
5:13am Controlled Bleeding   Swoon Golgotha Soleilmoon Recordings
5:16am The New Blockaders   Side Two First Live Performance Vinyl on Demand
5:21am Moon Mullican   Trifling Woman Blues Seven Nights to Rock Western Records
5:27am Coil   Dark Start ELpH vs Coil: Worship the Glitch Dais
5:29am Terry Riley   Emerald Runner Atlantis Nath Smm
5:31am Buried At Sea   Ghost Ghost Neurot Recordings
5:41am Wanda Jackson   Victory In Jesus Make Me Like a Child Again Myrrh Records
5:43am Moozzhead   Spandex Ripper Thighmaster Rural Isolation Project
5:47am Laurie Spiegel   Improvisation on a 'Concerto Generator' Space, Energy & Light Soul Jazz
5:50am Whitehouse   Worthless Mummy and Daddy Susan Lawly
5:51am Illusion of Safety   Black Helicopters Organ Choir Drone NO PART OF IT