Teachers AIDS

Saturday 13 January 2024 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Disappointment   Beauty Through Dissonance A Lifeless Dream Disappointment Release
Nachtlich   Satanas Solum Initium Est Satanas Solum Initium Est Black Gangrene
3:14pm Gintas K   Are You Happy Now? Sound & Spaces #2 Love Earth Music
3:14pm Dark Faith   Religion Sentence of Satan, The War Is Imminent Productions
3:21pm Aoratos   The Watcher On The Threshold Gods Without Name Debemur Morti
3:22pm Dodheimsgard   Starcave, Depths And Chained Kronet Til Konge Peaceville Records
3:29pm She Spread Sorrow   The Solitude In The Giant House Orchid Seeds Helen Scarsdale Agency
3:31pm Odz Manouk   To Feast On Celestial Bodies Bosoragazan Blood Colored Beast / Final Agony
3:36pm Darvulia   Goqkre L'Alliance Des Venins Battleskrs
3:43pm ChiaraOscuro   Rancor Rancor:Succor Nefarious Industries
3:45pm Horna   Surun Ikuistama Henki Vihan Vuodet Grievantee Productions
3:47pm Compatriot   Might of the Frontiersman Intrepid American Grit ASRAR
3:53pm Bethexuhl Anxalthan   SJBTDB In Darkness We Blaze His wounds
4:00pm Calligram   Tebe Position Momentum Prosthetic Records
4:05pm Power Trip   Firing Squad Nightmare Logic Southern Lord Recordings
4:07pm Volcanic   Goatforce Okkult Witch Witches Brew
4:11pm Molten   Un Sepulcro Ed Honor Dystopian Syndrome Redefining Darkness
4:12pm Molten   Holy Macabre Dystopian Syndrome Redefining Darkness
4:16pm Suffocation   Hymns From the Apocrypha Hymns From the Apocrypha Nuclear Blast
4:25pm The Creative Technology Consortium   Sympathetic Ear Panoramic Coloursound Dark Entries
4:25pm Vastum   Spirit Abused Dead in the Bay PIAS
4:32pm Meadowgoat   Creeping Vine Goat Meadow Realm & Ritual
4:37pm Mercyless   Flesh Divine Abject Offerings Restless Records (Metal)
4:41pm Vader   An Act of Darkness De Profundis Conquest Music, Inc.
4:44pm Dying Fetus   Feast on Ashes Make Them Beg for Death Relapse
4:48pm LBB   Ostraca Drippy Iron Lung Records
4:50pm Obituary   Torn Apart Dying of Everything Relapse Records
4:54pm Dead an Ripping   Tragic Ascent of Absurdity's Pale Moon Blackened Cerebral Rifts Transcending Obscurity Records
5:00pm Stargazer   Evil Olde Sol Psychic Secretions Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:06pm From Ashes Rise   And We're Still Waiting From Ashes Rise
5:07pm Naked City   Osaka Bondage Grindcrusher Vol. 2 Earache
5:09pm Filthy Christians   Extremely Bad Breath Grindcrusher Vol. 2 Earache
5:11pm Fuckmorgue   Hooker With a Heart of Gold Dead, I Will Not Be Forgotten Mass Deadening
5:13pm Despise You   Fear's Song and On and On Relapse Records
5:16pm Sete Star Sept   Secondary Growth Grow and Decline SPHC
5:19pm Despise You   Shit Goes In, Shit Comes Out and On and On Relapse Records
5:20pm Nausea   Godless Profane Existance 15YR Profane Existence
5:22pm Mano Fico   Inferno Night Anti-Police Terror Mental Crash Records
5:24pm Gulch   Self-Inflicted Mental Terror Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress Closed Casket Activities
5:27pm Positiivinen Ongelma   Ookoo D-Beating VOL. 1 The Hills Are Dead Records
5:27pm Illusion of Safety   Black Helicopters Organ Choir Drone NO PART OF IT
5:36pm Hot Lunch   Killer Smile Monsters of Mission Rock Champagne and Cocaine
5:41pm Wallop   Running Wld Metallic Alps
5:41pm Cryptic Slaughter   Reich of Torture Metal Massacre Vii Hymen Records
5:45pm Hazzards Cure   Terminal Frost Dead in the Bay PIAS
5:48pm Merciless Law   Rulers of a Sinful World Grimoire for the Ultimate Sinner
5:54pm Seducer   Predestination Trials and Tribulations Waggletone Records