Counting Rounds

Saturday 27 January 2024 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:08pm Hour Hand   Untitled Rough Mix
3:19pm Iron Shrine   Desert Christ Drifter Pt 1
3:20pm Clay Rendering   Winter Nest Fires That Cleanse
3:25pm Toiling Midgets   Wishful Thinking Sea of Unrest Instant
3:33pm Vivid Oblivion   Stand Aside The Graphic Cabinet
3:34pm C.C.C.C   Amplified Crystal 1 Amplified Crystal
3:47pm Hour Hand   Untitled Rough Mix
3:52pm Actual Victims   Cracked Skull San Carlos Grave
3:55pm Crass   They've Got A Bomb The Feeding Of The 5000
4:08pm XX Committee   Unwashed Sundays Network
4:09pm Cloister   Side 1 Mona Hospital Prod
4:11pm Stewart Skinner   Angel Barn For The Happiness of the World
4:14pm Throbbing Gristle   Weapon Training Thee Psychic Sacrifice
4:21pm Thomas Dimuzio   Sallow Headlock ReR
4:30pm Moolah   The Hard Hit Woe Ye Demons Possessed ATMAN MUSIC AND RECORDINGS
4:33pm Robert Turman   Reflux Beyond Painting Chondritic Sound
4:48pm Hour Hand   Unttitled Rough Mix
4:56pm Dreaming Together   The Light of LAII 4 Edens and a World of Shells ODD SIZE
4:57pm Tuxedomoon   Vulcanic, Combustible Bardo Hotel Soundtrack Crammed
5:23pm Caroline K   Aniomal Lattice Now Wait for Last Year
5:23pm Prurient   Cemeteries Fascinate Documenting Sound
5:23pm Cranioclast   Sein Haar Im Sand Ration Skalk Remix
5:23pm JFK   Sweathorsse Tape Archives 86-88
5:23pm Merzbow/Pan Sonic   68'18" V
5:30pm Silent Servant   Loss Response Shadows of Death and Desire
5:31pm Omit   Quad Disc 1 Quad
5:40pm Hour Hand   Untitled Rough Mix
5:45pm Silver Reich   New Breed of Rat New Breed of Rat
5:59pm Stewart Skinnner   For the Happiness of the World For the Happiness of the World