Numa rebroadcast

Thursday 1 February 2024 2:00am to 6:00am
Rebroadcast from Thursday 29 June 2006 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Tom Carter & Marcia Basset   B2 Zaika
Ethan Rose   Untitled Piece 1 Ceiling Songs
Godspeed You Black Emperor!   Side B: Static Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like...
Jasper TX   Blown Out To Sea, I'm Never Coming Back I'll Be Long Gone Before My Light Reaches You
Explosions in the Sky   A Song for Our Fathers How Strange, Innocence
Area C   Daymarks Traffics + Discoveries
Yellow Swans   Side 2 Track 1 Drift
Negativland   Piece A Pie No Business
3/4 Had Been Eliminated   Widower A Year of the Aural Garage...
Mudboy   Sailing Song This Is Folk Music
Gown   This Will End Sacred Mountains
Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast   Mogra
Harvestman   Amongst the Heather Lashing the Rye
MGR   II Nova Lux
Growing   Friendly Confines Color Wheel
Rameses III   When The Bombs Drop, Hold Me Close Parsimonia
Marissa Nadler   Old Love Haunts Me in the Am Saga of Mayflower May, the
Badgerlore   A Girl's Mouth in Winter Of Things Too Sorrowful To...
Six Organs of Admittance   Eighth Cognition School of the Flower
Citay   Vinter Citay
15 Degrees Below Zero   Obsession Under a Morphine Sky
Steven R Smith   Kilim and Dirt Kohl
Stuart Busby   First Steps Gold Leaf Branches
Neutral Milk Hotel   Two-Headed Boy In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Hala Strana   Herding Slip Fielding
Bright   It's What I Need Bells Break Their Towers
Edith Frost   My Lover Won't Call It's a Game
Fursaxa   Rodeo in the Sky Amulet
Belong   Red Velvet October Language
Fovea Hex   A Song For Magda Huge
Function   Unshaken (Positively Implacable) Secret Miracle Fountain, The
James Blackshaw   Transient Life In Twilight O True Believers
Bonnie Prince Billy/Sweeney,M   My Home Is the Sea Superwolf
Greg Davis & Sebastien Roux   Tidal Pool Paquet Surprise