Robert Emmett

Saturday 3 February 2024 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:01am Alice Faye   Tropical Magic
9:04am Henry Mancini   Dreamsville Peter Gunn
9:07am TV Theme   Disenchantment
9:08am Lesley Warren & Scooter Teague   Little Red Hat 110 In The Shade RCA Records
9:13am Angelo Badalamenti   Clayton's Cocktail 44 Inch Chest
9:19am Trailer   Caught
9:19am Bruce Broughton   One Shoe Makes It Murder
9:23am Max Steiner   Big Sleep
9:26am Chris Young   The Rain Hard Rain
9:28am Bear McCreary   The Cape
9:29am Paul Anka   Smells Like Teen Spirit
9:33am Al Donahue   Beethoven Bounce Beethoven Wrote it But it Swings
9:37am Julie Andrews and Robert Preston   You and Me Victor / Victoria
9:39am Trailer   The High Commissioner
9:41am John Barry   The Persuaders
9:44am Hinton Battle   What You Feel Buffy the Vampire Slayer
9:48am Gumnaam   Jan Pehechan Ho Bombshell Baby from Bombay
9:55am Legally Blonde   Positive
9:59am TV Theme   Cabinet of Curiousities
10:00am Bob and Ray   Story Lady: Boss Tweed and the Corrupt Ward Men
10:04am John Williams   1941 March 1941
10:07am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Locomotion
10:10am Barry Gray   Stingray
10:13am Groucho Marx   Lydia the Tattooed Lady
10:17am Mr Blackwell   That's Camp
10:27am Cool Secret Place   FabMo in Sunnyvale fabmo.org
10:28am Magnificent Seven   How the West Was Won
10:40am TV Mystery theme   Desperate Housewives
10:40am Nathan Barr   House with the Clocks in the Walls
10:56am Leslie Ann Warren   Chicago Illinois Victor Victoria
10:58am Comm   Milk
10:59am TV Theme   Not for Hire
11:01am TV Theme   12 o'Clock High
11:03am Leslie Ann Warren   In My Own Little Corner Cinderella
11:05am Laurence Rosenthal   Embarrassing Moments and Happy Surprises Hotel Paradiso
11:09am Drawn Out Drama   Dod March 2021
11:12am Wanda Vision   Agatha After All
11:17am Leslie Ann Warren   The Best is Yet to Come Carol Burnett Show
11:20am John Barry   Capsule in Space You Only Live Twice
11:26am Leslie Ann Warren   Last Chance Muppetts
11:30am Julie Andrews   Crazy World Victor Victoria
11:31am John Morris   Clue
11:35am Comm   Rice a Roni
11:36am Comm   No Matter Shape Your Stomach is in
11:36am Dave Grusin   Mullholland Falls
11:43am TV theme   The Peacock
11:46am TV theme   Police Squad
11:46am Betty Boop   Is that the Human Thing to Do
11:48am TV Theme   Man from UNCLE
11:54am Grand Piano   Main Theme
11:55am TV Theme   Hello Tomorrow
11:55am TV Theme   Ted Lasso
11:56am TV Theme   Wild Country
11:58am TV Theme   Scarecrow and Mrs King