Teachers AIDS

Saturday 3 February 2024 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:03pm Abigor   Exterminating Angel Taphonomia Aeternitatis W.T.C. Productions
3:07pm Musta Surma   Kuolonmyrsky Vihan Vuodet Grievantee Productions
3:12pm Trepasser   Forward Into the Light! Apokalypsis Santa Diabla
3:17pm Wave Temples   Mother Moon and the Mangrove Midnight Panama Shift Not Not Fun Records
3:19pm Hail Conjurer   Power.Will.Hail/Demonic Cover of Earth Satanic Phenomenology Bestial Burst
3:24pm Watain   Sworn to the Dark Sworn to the Dark Season of Mist
3:31pm Justin Walter   Radio Contact Destroyer Kranky
3:33pm Tlepsh   Crystal Gazer Hexed Sword
3:37pm Pandiscordian Necrogenesis   Hidden Supernal Outer Supernal Gilead Media
3:43pm Von   Vennt Satanic Blood Angel Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:44pm Chloe Alexandra Thompson   an Exchange They Can Never Burn The Stars Sige Records
3:50pm Hwwauoch   Thou Shall Not Exist Under the Gate of Dissolution Amor Fati
3:54pm Graveworm   Awaiting The Shining Dragon Claws Vol.1 Medusa/ Dragon Design
3:59pm Quelle Chris   The Sky is Blue Because the Sunset is Red f/MoRuf,Pink Siifu DEATHFAME Mello Music Group
4:00pm Midnight   Rip This Hell Satanic Royalty Hells Headbangers
4:01pm Burial Ground   Dark Forces Dark Forces
4:06pm Lycantrophy   Buried In Swamp Thrashing Relics Volume 1.. Finland 1987-1990 Bestial Burst
4:10pm Origin   Disease Called Man Origin Relapse
4:12pm General Surgery   an Orgy of Flying Limbs & Gore Corporate Death Relapse
4:12pm Nile   Black Seeds of Vengeance Black Seeds of Vengeance Relapse Records
4:18pm Mimi Allen   Sweet Sue, Just You Strings of My Heart The Decca Record Co.
4:20pm Master   Walk in the Footsteps of Doom Saints Dispelled Hammerheart
4:23pm Ulthar   Humanoid Knot Providence 20 Buck Spin
4:29pm Dead And Dripping   Tragic Ascent of Absurdity's Pale Moon Blackened Cerebral Rifts Transcending Obscurity Records
4:33pm Tab In/Tab Out   Ravishing Stagnation The Rita / Tab In/Tab Out Imploding Sounds
4:35pm Stargazer   All Knowing Cold Psychic Secretions Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:42pm Revocation   Diabolical Majesty Netherheaven Metal Blade
4:44pm She Spread Sorrow   She Didn't Care Orchid Seeds Helen Scarsdale Agency
4:47pm Amorphis   Misery-Path Karelian Isthmus, the Relapse Records
4:57pm Vitriol   Shame and its Afterbirth Suffer and Become Century Media
4:57pm Omni Gardens   Sunday Robe Golden Pear Moon Glyph
5:02pm Human Remains   Weeding Out the Thorns Death ... Is Just The Beginning III Nuclear Blast
5:04pm Repulsion   Maggots in Your Coffin Corporate Death Relapse
5:07pm Macabre   Serial Killer Corporate Death Relapse
5:08pm Intense Degree   Intense Degree War in My Head Earache
5:08pm Intense Degree   Victim of Pain War in My Head Earache
5:09pm No Statik   Male Gaze By Any Means Stay Punk
5:10pm Angie Reed   N.L.P. The Galaxy XYZ Frequency Chicks on Speed Records
5:12pm Black Magnet   Last Curse Body Prophecy 20 Buck Spin
Barney Kessel   Mysterioso Impromptu Barney Kessel Rca-Editeur
5:17pm Skeleton   Mark Of Death Skeleton 20 Buck Spin
5:21pm Forgotten Prophecy   Your Chains Vocie of Protest Extreme Earslaughter
5:26pm Expander   Waste Ranger Neuropunk Boostergang Profound Lore
5:29pm Abscess   Zombie Ward Seminal Vampires & Maggot Men Relapse Records
5:34pm Gulch   Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress Closed Casket Activities
5:34pm Gintas K   Sound & Spaces #2 #2 Sound & Spaces #2 Love Earth Music
5:34pm No Hay Banda   Rubber Houses I Had a Dream About This Place Self Release
5:39pm Chateaux   Young Blood Metal Maniaxe Ebony Records
5:43pm Ides of Gemini   The Dancer Woman Rise Above Records
5:45pm CobraKill   Above the Law Serpent's Kiss Frontiers Music
5:50pm Regler   Regel #10 (Minimalism) Regel #10 (Minimalism) Seminal Records
5:52pm Eruption   Cloaks Of Oblivion Cloaks Of Oblivion On Parole
5:56pm Slander   Fighting talk Careless Talk Costs Lives Stormspell