Honey Bear rebroadcast

Tuesday 6 February 2024 6:00am to 10:00am
Rebroadcast from Monday 24 February 2014 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:03am Sleep   Catatonic Volume One Very Small Records
6:09am The Space Lady   From The Womb to The Tomb Space Lady's Greatist Hits, The Night School Records
6:21am Earth   Seven Angels Earth 2 Sub Pop Records
6:26am Melvins   Hands First Flower Joe Preston Boner Records
6:53am Grouper   Hold a Desert. Feel Its Hand Way Their Crept Free Porcupine Society
7:01am Sword Heaven   Untitled Sword Heaven/Lambsbread Lost Treasures of The Underworld
7:07am Prepared Godzilla   Guitar vs. Gigan
7:12am Samothrace   a Horse of Our Own Reverence to Stone 20 Buck Spin
7:25am Hive Mind   A1 But Mine Own Vineyard I Have Not Kept Chondritic Sound
7:37am Anton Maiden   Aces High Anton Maiden Nihilism Records
7:43am Samuel Coleridge   Dejection: an Ode Poetry of Coleridge Caedmon
7:55am Dj Stoic   3 Pm Migraine Turntables By the Bay Revolver
7:58am Los Guacharacos   Columbie - El Rio Blanqueno La Flute Indienne Barclay
7:59am Suzuki Junzo   Pouring High Water Blues Dead Eight-Sided Infinity Plunk's Plan Recordings
8:17am Moonknight   Zelator Toplov Rising Beast Recordings
8:22am Godflesh   Predominance Pure Earache
8:36am Sunn O)))   Death Becomes You Flight of the Behemoth Southern Lord Recordings
8:44am Buckethead   Track 8 Kfc Skin Piles Gonervill
8:51am Art of The Japanese Bamboo Flute   Take No Uta Art of The Japanese Bamboo Flute Olympic Records
8:58am ARU   Unconventional Visage ARU Dub Plate Vol 3.5 Captcha Records
9:01am Wu Tang Clan   Shaolin Brew Greatest Malt Liquor.. None
9:02am Hiroshige/Marhaug/Pika/Nilssen-love   Killer Skins Osaka Fortune Premier Sang
9:07am White Medal   Glory Return Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal Legion Blotan
9:14am Yellow Swans   Untitled California Troniks
9:33am Asunder   Rite of Finality Works Will Come Undone 20 Buck Spin
9:41am Gangbusters   The Safe Cracking Combine Gangbusters Nostalgia Lane