justin traffic rebroadcast

Wednesday 7 February 2024 6:00am to 10:00am
Rebroadcast from Thursday 10 September 2015 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:03am Radu Malfatti/Keith Rowe   Exact Dimension Without Insistence No Title Erstwhile Records
Martha Wentworth   The Spooky Wheer Terror Tales! Liberty Records
6:24am Natural Snow Buildings   King In Yellow Terror's Horns Ba Da Bing!
6:35am Ak'chamel   Let No One Take It From Me Let No One Want What I Have Hanged Man
6:45am Loren Connors   The Moon Last Night Pt. 1 Moon Last Night, The Family Vineyard
6:55am Tony Conrad   Process Two Process One Of Fantastic Glissando Fantastic Glissando Vibraphone Records
7:03am Surgeon   9 Hours into the Future Surgeon Tresor
7:08am Deepchord   Amsterdam Remnant 6 20 Electrostatic Soundfields Soma Records
Puce Mary   Another Dream On Superiority the great panic Freak Animal Records
7:20am Dereck Donohue   Slow Landing Footloose Chambara Records
7:22am Damien Dubrovnik   On its Double Vegas Fountain Posh Isolation
7:34am Air Liquide   Die Reise Im Teekessel Chill Out Or Die II Rising High
7:44am Map 71   Estuary'd (Lost Voices Instrmntl) Map 71 Foolproof Projects
Noam Chomsky   Role of The Propoganda System Free Market Fantasies: Capitalism In The Free World AK Press Audio
7:50am Negativland   Receptacle Programming, Fear of Freeways Mix, Defend Fuel Over The Edge Vol. 1.5 Seeland Records
7:54am Padna   Threatening Weather Alku Toinen Aagoo Records
8:04am Prettiest Eyes   Alright, I'm Ready to Go Looks Aagoo Records
Dead Gakkahs   First Lady Demo Ormolycka
8:08am Oblique Quartet   Lluvia y Trueno Tlaloc Beat Alphatauri
8:14am Gastr Del Sol   Eight Corners Mirror Repair Drag City
8:24am Johnny Dowd   Female Jesus That's Your Wife On The Back of My Horse Mother Jinx Records
8:27am Clawhammer   Warm Spring Night F.U.B.A.R. Sympathy For The Record Industry
Andy McLeod   Oxford Forge The Valley Dying For Bad Music
8:35am Legendary Shack Shakers   Cold Southern Surreal, The Alternative Tentacles
Armitage Shanks   1 2 X U Sing and Play Twenty Punk Hits Vinyl Japan
8:41am The Seatbelts   Give and Take Cowboy Bebop Alion
Howl In The Typewriter   Little Ball of Badness Godspunk Volume Fifteen Pumf Records
8:47am Barrence Whitfield & The Savages   Bad News Perfume Under The Savage Sky Bloodshot Records
8:50am Der Plan   Nessie Geri Reig Medical Records
8:51am Cat Jelly   Three Cat Orgy Cat Jelly Self Released
8:53am Pork Queen   Mustard Pork Queen/ Noggin Trackshun Industries
8:55am Boots Faye Acc. The Sun Valley Cowboys   You're Writing Love Letters to Me Swinging West Krazy Kat
8:58am Women of The SS   Woman Iz Beast Drastic Perversions XXX
9:03am The Up-Stroke   In My El Camino Porno Groove : The Sound of 70s Adult Films Secret Stash
Bonde do Tigrao   O Baile Todo funk carioca slum dunk
9:07am Gregg Turkington   It's a Great Movie Night of the Living Vinyl Massacre at Central Hi
Petro Loa   No Rada No Rada Extreme Music From Africa Susan Lawly
9:15am Joe West and The Sinners   Jamie Was a Boozer Jamie Was a Boozer Baby Black Panda
9:20am Totalitar   Det Ar Samma Fortryck Wallbreaker 1986-1989 Armageddon
9:23am Tito Rodriguez   Descarga Cachao Boogaloo Pow Wow Honest Jon's
9:28am Vision Heat   Thanks For The Party Chosen Themes - Program 1, The Root Strata
9:30am yuk.   Atimo D/U\a/l F\o/R\m Leaving Records
9:32am Lullatone   Good Morning Melody Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous Audio Dregs Records
9:37am Romanowski   Ghost Rider (La Chi Chi Remix) Return of Steady Rocking Romanowski & Friends, The Trouser Trout Records
9:43am Diamond District   The Backup March On Washington Redux Mello Music Group
9:46am Multitude Against The Empire   Sending a Message... Multitude Against The Empire Self Produced
9:52am Gnaw Their Tongues   and They Will Be Cast Out Into Utter Darkness Abyss of Longing Throats Crucial Blast
9:55am OU   Jengi Scrambled! Spoot Music