Teachers AIDS

Saturday 10 February 2024 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:01pm Grausamkeit   Fortress Of Death (Intro)/En Evig Het Av Kulde Dreams Of The Old Northern Forest Grausamkeit Release
3:09pm Verivala   Kohti Tahtia Voittomme Autistiartili Records
3:14pm Destroyer 666   An Endless Stream of Bombers Violence is the Prince of this World Modern Invasion Music
3:17pm Mimi Allen   What Is This Thing Called Love? Strings of My Heart The Decca Record Co.
3:19pm Genokeit   Lifehate Kommando Anti Human Terror Front Silver Key Records
3:23pm Necrofago   Bestial Curse (rehearsal) Brutal Mutilation Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:27pm Todessog   Leading the Possessed Hordes Hateful Night of Desecration Sturmglanz
3:32pm St Hugh, William   A Cleaner Conscience Anomaly Self Released
3:35pm As Sahar   Fandeyian Okultika Hymnology Phenomistik Zombi Danz
3:41pm Euphotic   Jovian Whistlers Conjugate Regions Ikuisuus
3:44pm Nyktalgia   Nekrolog Peisithanatos Blut & Eisen Productions
3:52pm Belenos   Mort Divine Spicilege Sacral Productions
3:59pm FOANS   Ego Aquarium Extended Classics 100% Silk
3:59pm Antichrist Siege Machine   Carried Into Darkness Purifying Blade Profound Lore
4:02pm Black Witchery   Untitled Inferno Of Sacred Destruction Hells Headbangers Records
4:04pm Speedhammer   Speed Nights X The Burning Rites at the Southern Cave
4:07pm Vomitor   Hells Butcher Pestilent Death Hells Headbangers Records
4:13pm Molten   The Void Dystopian Syndrome Redefining Darkness
4:17pm Blood Rhythms   Punctuated Lung Mirages Against Concrete Personal Archives
4:24pm Cannibal Corpse   Vengeful Invasion
4:26pm Mefisto   Betrayed Truth Swedish Death Metal Index Verlag
4:29pm Gintas K   Sound & Spaces #2 #5 Sound & Spaces #2 Love Earth Music
4:34pm Obituary   Weaponize the Hate Dying of Everything Relapse Records
4:37pm Carnal Savagery   Into the Absymal Void
4:40pm Divine Eye   Velvet Of The Godless Death ...Is Just The Beginning III Nuclear Blast
4:42pm Dog   Pawns Legacy of Love Love Earth Music
4:44pm Timeghoul   The Seige Complete Discography
4:54pm Stargazer   The Occidental Scourge Psychic Secretions Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:56pm John Tejada   Wild Ride Kompakt Total 23 Kompakt Schallplatten
4:56pm Genocide Pact   Mutilated Vision Genocide Pact Relapse Records
5:01pm Judgement   Substance Violation The Final Decree Thrashback Records
5:03pm Necronomicon   Apocalyptic Nightmare Necronomicon Gama Musikverlags
5:10pm Seducer   Smell of Death Trials and Tribulations Waggletone Records
5:15pm Meadowgoat   Erthwerm Waits Goat Meadow Realm & Ritual
5:16pm Earthworm   A Very Important Discovery Happy Horror Days d.i.h.d.
5:20pm Raw War   Mangled Total Raw War
5:21pm Gulch   Cries of Pleasure, Heavenly Pain Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress Closed Casket Activities
5:22pm Pig Destroyer   Machiavellian Book Burner Relapse Records
5:24pm Psychosis   Lethargy Voice of Protest
5:27pm Jesus Chrust   Land of Adulterers Fudge Worthy Records Compilation Fudgeworthy
5:27pm VxGxLxSxCxDxVxZxNx   Edematous Foetus As a Result of Liver Circulatory Failure Af Extrauterine Malformations of Vaginal Cadavera Channel 190 Records
5:29pm Disbrigade   Prision D-Beating VOL. 1 The Hills Are Dead Records
5:31pm Expander   Obsoletor Neuropunk Boostergang Profound Lore
5:35pm Interracial Sex   Untitled (Side A) Forced Busing New Forces
5:39pm Axe Witch   Born in a Hell Pray for Metal
5:44pm Cauldron Born   The Sword's Lament Born of the Cauldron
5:46pm The Rita   Plastic and Silicone The Rita / Tab In/Tab Out Imploding Sounds
5:50pm Grey Wolf   Golden Axe Blood and Steel
5:54pm Johnny Touch   The Metal Embrace inner City Wolves Shadow Kingdom