Teachers AIDS

Saturday 17 February 2024 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:02pm Birkabein   Land Der Ewigen Nacht Land Der Ewigen Nacht Livor Mortis
3:08pm Peasant   Rivers of Rust Demo MMXIX Legion Blotan
3:11pm Pandiscordian Necrogenesis   Rift Ascension Outer Supernal Gilead Media
3:16pm Cold Storage   Sepulcros de Sal Sepulcros De Sal Rural Isolation Project
3:19pm Old Pagan   My Black Witch Gonkulator / Old Pagan Bestial Burst
3:22pm Ritual Inscription   Scrying Visions of Agony Ritual Inscription Forbidden Sonority
3:26pm Profanatica   Take Up the Cross
3:31pm Rick Reed   Space Age Radio Love Song The Symmetry of Telemetry Elevator Bath
3:34pm Clandestine Blaze   Tragedy of Humanization Tranquility of Death Northern Heritage
3:41pm Dog   Imaginary Hibernation Legacy of Love Love Earth Music
3:43pm Be Persecuted   Be Resented for Livelihood I.I No Colours
3:48pm Heyf   War Spectre II Spectra Escafismo Records
Voyage Futur   Lost Garden Wellen Not Not Fun Records
3:56pm Prison Hell   Fire Time Sex Penitentiary War Vellum
4:00pm Black Legion   Satanic Armageddon Rise Of Impious Demonolatry Bestial Burst
4:05pm Goatcorpse   Luciferian Carpet Bombing Goatcorpse / Gotthammer Anti-Human Productions
4:07pm Black Witchery   Ascension Of The Obscure Moon Inferno Of Sacred Destruction Hells Headbangers Records
4:08pm Antichrist Siege Machine   Victorious Legions of Satan Purifying Blade Profound Lore
Rudolf Eb.er   Hexenmilch I Hexenmilch Rural Isolation Project
4:15pm Mortification   Butchered Mutilation 5 Years Nuclear Blast Relapse
4:20pm Brodequin   Suffocation in Ash
4:22pm Stargazer   Simulacrum Psychic Secretions Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:28pm She Spread Sorrow   She Didn't Care Orchid Seeds Helen Scarsdale Agency
4:34pm Katalysator   Mass Genocide Ritual Swedish Death Metal Index Verlag
4:37pm Civerous   Labyrinth Charm (feat Derek Rynquist) Maze Envy 20 Buck Spin
4:42pm Vorlust   Venomous Scent Lick the Flesh Transylvainian Recordings
4:47pm Death   Choke on It Leprosy Combat Records
4:53pm St Hugh, William   Pauper of the Dead Sea Anomaly Self Released
4:55pm Obituary   By the Dawn Dying of Everything Relapse Records
5:00pm General Surgery   The Succulent Aftermath 5 Years Nuclear Blast Relapse
5:03pm The Abyss   Psychomantum Death ...Is Just The Beginning III Relapse
5:08pm Black Abyss   Eye of the Storm Dragonclaws VolI Dragon Design
5:10pm Meadowgoat   Crepuscule Goat Meadow Realm & Ritual
5:14pm Molten   Zombie's Curse- Dystopian Syndrome Redefining Darkness
5:16pm Crow   Who Killed Dove? Anarchy Chaos Destruction
5:19pm Sweeping Promises   Petit Four Good Living Is Coming For You Feel It Records
5:23pm Buried Hopes   Dreams - Nightmares Voice of Protest
5:26pm Vandal   Serpientes Fistful of Thrash the Hills are Dead Records
5:30pm Skeleton   Catacombs Skeleton 20 Buck Spin
5:34pm Odyssee   Erode Arid Fields Autoscopy Records
5:34pm The Rita   Plastic and Silicone The Rita / Tab In/Tab Out Imploding Sounds
5:39pm Warlord   The Kill Zone The Holy Temple Holy Roller
5:48pm Amulance   Black Moon Rising The Rage Within: And The Aftermath Stormspell
5:52pm Bloodstar   Cold Moon First Sighting Shadow Kingdom
5:55pm Saracen   Speed of Sound Roksnax Buried by Time and Dust