Monday 18 March 2024 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm Nivhek   Walking in a spiral towards the house: Side C After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house self release
10:09pm Stephen Roddy   There are 99 miles of caves below the Burren Leviathan Fiadh Productions
10:17pm Genre Peak   Black Hole Gnosis In Code Music
10:22pm Bacony View   Death Knell Corpse Pose / Balcony View Heathen Fawn Recordings
10:28pm Hayter, Reverend Kristin Michael   RUNNING FOR MY LIFE SAVED: The Index Perpetual Flame Ministries
10:31pm Nick Cave   Mercy Seat, the KFJC Cart Archives #3
10:35pm CRAVE   Sedatives From Sedatives to Trust PIT
10:48pm Meat Joy   final curtain Meat Joy Flesh & Blood Records
10:50pm Fang   Land Shark Landshark! Boner Records
10:51pm Void   Time to Die Faith Void Faith Dischord
10:53pm Akitsa   Siecle Pastoral Credo Profound Lore
11:03pm Wind Hearse   Flame In The Skies Trident Klaxon
11:09pm Trha   Lhaja Endlhejedahhe Nu Jahadlhjanva Gjeri Ha Endlhetoneg Flowing Downward
11:21pm Yellow Eyes   Irrlicht Master's Murmur Sibir Records
11:24pm Heith   Banquette Thieving Dogs! Low Company
11:27pm Tetuzi Akiyama   Atheist Pre-Existence Locust Music
11:30pm Omit   Segmentor InSec Siltbreeze
11:48pm Morricone, Ennio (Scusi, Facciamo L'Amore?)   Passion Play Scusi, Facciamo L'Amore? GSF Records
11:56pm Morricone, Ennio (Scusi, Facciamo L'Amore?)   Various Troubles Scusi, Facciamo L'Amore? GSF Records
11:58pm Thollem/Robair   ______Inside The________ Trio Music Minus One (for Dennis Palmer) Setola Di Maiale
12:02am Cracow Klezmer Band   Demai Sanatorium Under the Sign of Tzadik Oracles
12:11am Atrium Carceri   Across the Sea of the Dead Metropolis Cryo Chamber
12:18am Tongue Depressor + Larkin, Austin   Blurred To A Moon Tongue Depressor + Austin Larkin Redscroll
12:35am Abjection Ritual   Thrust In Thy Sickle and Reap Futility Rites Malignant Records
12:41am Masami Akita   18 Prosperity of Vice, The The Misfortune of Virtue IREC
12:47am Tenebrost   Endless Incantation Sommoning Silence Vessel of Flesh
12:56am Abuse Potential   Tarnak Farm Incident, Part I Abuse Potential / Varldsbrand Birth Control Productions
1:00am SBTDOH   Every Regret You Have Dregs: Bloody Scabs Seeping From Gravel Under the Skin Aberrant Recordings
1:07am Lieu Noir   We Crawled out of the Opium Stash Absent Gods & Dead Immortals PIT
1:10am Hrvatski   You Didn't Look High Enough Oiseaux 96-98 Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge
1:17am Timelash   A Stranger In Time Feral Lands & Forbidden Cities Aguirre
1:21am Kerker   cis-dudes demo 2021 self release
1:23am Blu Anxxiety   Dreaming in Darkness Morbid Now, Morbid Later Toxic State
1:28am Blu Anxxiety   Too Stressed To Be Possessed Morbid Now, Morbid Later Toxic State
1:30am Fearing   The Flame Destroyer Profound Lore
1:35am Burial Grid   Pale Black Dot Waves of Quietus
1:40am Justin Walter   Slow Walkers Destroyer Kranky
1:46am DAONA   2. Mono No Aware live machines Faustus Records
1:55am @_whngr_