Friday 22 March 2024 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:02pm The Young Gods   Did You Miss Me Young Gods, The Organik
10:04pm Gregory Fleckner Quintet   Juicy Jazz Girls It's All Becoming...Clear Clear Records
10:12pm Alter Ego   Tanks Ahead - Black Dog Mix Freestyle Candies Klang Elektronik
10:19pm ECOATM   Deluge ECOATM Dagoretti Records
10:25pm Hrvatski   Routine Exercise Oiseaux 96-98 Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge
10:30pm Sluts 'n' Strings & 909   Starchild From Beyond Volume 2 Interdimensional Transmis
10:36pm Metamatics   Dope Robot's Revenge Dope for the Robot Clear Records
10:42pm Aphex Twin   abundance10edit [2 R8's, Fz20m & a 909] Collapse EP Warp Records, Ltd.
10:48pm Afrorack   OSC Afrorack, The Hakuna Kulala
10:52pm Soos   Cool Sbu Mundo Cute mule musiq
10:58pm I-F   Space Invaders Are Smoking From Beyond - Volume 1 Interdimensional Transmis
11:04pm Fullcone   I Wanna Be Like Ike Valis II - Everything Must Go Ion
11:09pm Metamatics   Neo Ouija Onyx/Neo Ouija Clear Records
11:15pm Monokle   Glassy Eyed Ultraflowers Constellation Tatsu
11:23pm Nondi_   Sentimental Juke Flood City Trax Planet Mu
11:25pm Lust Pattern   Choreography Stand, Scatter Dark Entries
11:31pm Brendon Moeller   Accident Pathways Constellation Tatsu
11:35pm Shine Grooves   Watching The Breeze Watching The Breeze 100% Silk
11:43pm Plaid   Prague Radio Not for Threes Warp Records Ltd
11:47pm Shake   Freeform From Beyond, Vol. 4 Interdimensional Transmis
11:53pm Burger/Ink   Do the Strand Bring Trance Back to Las Vegas Harvest
12:00am Fuse   Xntrik From Our Minds to Yours Vol. 2 Plus 8
12:05am Deena Abdelwahed   Violence For Free Jbal Rrsas InFine Editions
12:10am Archetype   Twin Paradox Time Dilation effect 21/22 Corp
12:16am Ement   Despite of Time Fabric presents Helena Hauff Fabric Records
12:21am Silicon & Tizoc   Elastic LFOS V-991 V-Max Records
12:26am FOANS   Reboot Extended Classics 100% Silk
12:32am Carl Craig   Hot on the Heels of Love Mutant Throbbing Gristle Novamute
12:44am BCJ   Boulderdash Dark Hearts 2 Harthouse
12:51am Phuture   Spank Spank Phuture Trax Records
12:53am Claude Young   Ma-Na- Za-Twa One Complete Revolution Utensil Records
1:03am Octave One   The Resolution Foundation EP{ 430 West
1:09am Air Liquide   Psy 9 Beyond the Sun Dance Arena Productions
1:12am Suburban Hell   Slow Shellshock DJax-Up-Beats
1:22am Shamanic Tribes On Acid   Ah.. The Green Blob Shamanic Tribes On Acid Ambient Space Acid
1:26am Doug McKechnie   Mr. Toad's Wild Ride San Francisco Moog 1968-1972 Vol. 2 VG+ Records
1:37am Craven Faults   Meers & Hushes Standers The Leaf Label Ltd.
1:54am Omit   Segmentor InSec Siltbreeze