Saturday 23 March 2024 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:06am Exit Electronics   Every Shade of Grey Every Shade of Grey Deathbed Tapes
2:13am Timelash   A Stranger In Time Feral Lands & Forbidden Cities Aguirre
2:18am Abuse Potential   Tarnak Farm Incident, Part II Abuse Potential / Varldsbrand Birth Control Productions
2:28am Justin Walter   Slow Walkers Destroyer Kranky
2:34am Sleep Column   Dried and Acid Rusty Materials Wall Noise Action
2:44am Deena Abdelwahed   Each Day Jbal Rrsas InFine Editions
2:50am Seatemples   Desierto IC Year Vol I Icy Cold Records
2:54am Vita Noctis   Alone Against The Rule Dark Entries
2:57am Harsh Symmetry   Glass Tears Imitation Fabrika
3:01am De Bons En Pierre   Wrong Dose Nice Things Ep No. 1 Dark Entries
3:06am Exit Electronics   Every Shade of Shit Every Shade of Grey Deathbed Tapes
3:11am Electric Soul   Phonprophic Valis II - Everything Must Go Ion
3:19am Sunk Heaven   Shine Fuckhearted Lvng, The American Dream Records
3:23am Viodre   Feeding Breath At the End of the Rope Chondritic Sound
3:30am Entre Vifs   Session 30: Caput Corvi Bruitisme 1913-2013 Influencing Machine
3:44am Las Sucias   Tetas Chupate Estas Label, The
3:48am Inhalt   Walking On Glass Vehicle Dark Entries
3:53am Unwished   Tropic of Despair Antichthon Swiss Dark Nights
3:56am Epicrisis   Waiting In Purgatory No Silence - Sounds of The Underground Psychic Eye
3:59am De Bons En Pierre   The Terrible Translation EP No. 2 Dark Entries
4:03am Exit Electronics   Every Shade of Truth Every Shade of Grey Deathbed Tapes
4:19am Sniper Bait   Booby Traps In the Old Bulk Cement... The Nature of Camouflage as a Perceptual Phenomenon PIT
4:20am Nondi_   Sentimental Juke Flood City Trax Planet Mu
4:23am Cremation Science   IV Pure Bone Ash Birth Control Productions
4:31am Nicole 12   Cock and Rope At the End of the Rope Chondritic Sound
4:34am Omit   Segmentor InSec Siltbreeze
4:42am Death in June   We Are the Lust Brown Book Shanachie
4:50am Three Zero Nine   A Dream That Never Comes True Russian Doomer Vol I
4:50am Madeline Goldstein   Seed of Doubt a La Carte Records Sampler 2023 a La Carte Records
4:54am Actors   Like Suicide Acts of Worship Artoffact
4:58am Lassigue Bendthaus   Velocity Life Matter Dark Entries
5:03am Exit Electronics   Every Shade of Lies Every Shade of Grey Deathbed Tapes
5:17am Lehn, Thomas Schmickler, Marcus   Kolner Kranz Kolner Kranz A-Musik
5:17am Universal Cell Unlock   Innocence of Logic Psychic Sounds
5:25am Morricone, Ennio (Scusi, Facciamo L'Amore?)   Knowing the "Ins" and "Outs" Scusi, Facciamo L'Amore? GSF Records
5:30am Cold Storage   Sepulcros de Sal Sepulcros De Sal Rural Isolation Project
5:32am Deathpile   Questions for Christina At the End of the Rope Chondritic Sound
5:39am Da Wei Wang/Tatsu Aoki   Material Source Yes Strings Attached FPE Records
5:40am Secret Pyramid   Turning Into Air A Vanishing Touch Ba Da Bing!
5:44am Vazum   Breach
5:47am Silver Chalice   Suicide Let's Die Mystic Records
5:51am Lust Pattern   No Floor Stand, Scatter Dark Entries
5:54am Grey Gallows   Bare Inside (feat Incirrina) Strangers
5:57am De-bons-en-pierre   Seul Comme Sombre Crepes Dark Entries