Robert Emmett

Saturday 23 March 2024 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am Trailer   Wild for Kicks
9:04am Chris Young   The Vagrant
9:07am Trailer   The Delicate Delinquent
9:10am Bad Girl Mako   Stray Cat Rock
9:14am Behave Yourself   Main Title
9:17am Walter Cronkite   Your Home in the 21st Century
9:18am TV theme   The 20th Century
9:19am Julie Andrews   My Own Little Corner Cinderella
9:26am Spirit of Gravity   Spirit of Gravity Cinequest
9:29am Trailer   Spree
9:32am Rocky Horror Picture Show   The Time Warp
9:36am Trailer   Ride the Wild Surf
9:38am TV theme   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
9:39am Les Baxter   Girl in the Invisible Bikini
9:45am John Barry   Capsule in Space You Only Live Twice
9:47am TV theme   Wild Wild West
9:49am Madeline Kahn   I'm Tired Blazing Saddles
9:56am Mary Martin   I Won't Grow Up Peter Pan
9:59am Comm   Lone Star Beer
10:00am James Newton Howard   Jungle Cruise
10:02am Bob and Ray   Wally Ballou Parking Lot School
10:06am Jerry Goldsmith   Break Out Outland
10:09am Trailer   Pinocchio in Space
10:12am Annette   Jamacian SKA
10:15am Petula Clark   Downtown in German 1000 Nadelstiche Vol 1
10:18am Gumnaam   Jan Pahechhan Ho Bombshell Baby from Bombay
10:30am Cool Secret Place   International Food Bazaar in San Jose
10:30am Akira Kobayashi   Track 1 Gangland War Bloody Territories
10:51am TV Mystery Theme   Roy Rogers Show
10:51am John Williams   Close Encounters of the Third Kind
11:04am Jon Mirsalis   The Cameraman Trailer Niles Silent Film Museum
11:07am Jerry Goldsmith   The Light Poltergeist
11:09am Fred Rogers   Won't You Be My Neighbor?
11:13am Bernard Herrmann   Death Hunt On Dangerous Ground
11:16am Trailer   Monster from Green Hell
11:17am Danny Elfman   Nightbreed
11:21am Janet Klein   Hollywood Party Scandals
11:27am Trailer   Faster Pussycat Kill Kill
11:27am Comm   Growing Hair Cher doll
11:27am Elmer Bernstein   National Geographic Specials
11:30am TV theme   Greatest American Hero
11:35am Trailer   Johnny Cash in 5 Minutes to Live
11:35am Jerry Goldsmith   Prologue and Main Title Inchon
11:41am Horror of Party Beach   Zombie Stomp
11:44am Comm   Ricardo Montablan for Maxwell House
11:45am Tim Travers and the Time Travellers Paradox   Main theme Cinequest
11:47am Island between the Tides   Main Title Cinequest
11:55am Marian Hutton   My Dreams are Getting Better All the Time
11:57am TV Theme   Super Mario Brothers