Teachers AIDS

Saturday 23 March 2024 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:02pm Haxanu   Unto Servants Seasons in Haxan Dark
3:08pm Mystic Forest   Sous La Majeste Celeste Welcome Back In The Forest Oaken Shield
3:13pm Voergaard   Diabolic Vision of Hatred and Power Ancestral Blood
3:17pm Thomas Carnacki   Rue Mouffetard, Love-Shivering Cadavre Isole Alethiometer
3:23pm Moenen of Xezbeth   Pandemonial Curse Ancient Spells of Darkness NWN!
3:27pm Mortifera   Ciel Brouille Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera GoatoWarex
3:32pm Justin Walter   For Us Destroyer Kranky
3:36pm Kaevum   Gloyim Blood Kultur Darker Than Black
3:41pm Abyssic Hate   The Blood War A Decade of Hate Darker Than Black
3:46pm Todessog   Rising Darkness Hateful Night of Desecration
3:49pm The Bug   Satan feat. Nazamba Absent Riddim Pressure
3:53pm Merrimack   Under the Aimless Spheres
3:59pm Timelash   Primal Plateau Feral Lands & Forbidden Cities Aguirre
4:01pm Mania   Storm Revel Pesanta Urfolk
4:05pm Malokarpatan   V Rujnovej Samote Pocichu Duma Lovecky Nordkarpatenland Ajna Offensive
4:11pm Molten   Malicide Malicide Transylvanian Recordings
4:16pm Cremation Science   I Pure Bone Ash Birth Control Productions
4:17pm Vorlust   13th Circle Lick the Flesh Transylvanian Recordings
4:19pm Civerous   Levitation Tomb Maze Envy 20 Buck Spin
4:25pm Corpse   Rise Again Swedish Death Metal Index Verlag
4:31pm Damaged   Into Annihilation Purified in Pain Rotten Records
4:31pm Clarence G   Data Transfer Fabric presents Helena Hauff Fabric Records
4:34pm Cult Graves   Abomination Rites Strange Customs/ Demo 18 Godz Ov War
4:38pm Disgorged Foetus   Fistfuck headless carbonized infected bodies Obscene Utter Gore Annihilation
4:41pm Cancer   Blood Bath To the Gory End Silent Scream Recordings
4:43pm The Rita   Plastic and Silicone The Rita / Tab In/Tab Out Imploding Sounds
4:47pm Entombed   Living Dead Clandestine Earache
4:51pm Malevolent Creation   Thou Shall Kill Ten Commandments, The Roadrunner Records
4:56pm Omit   Segmentor InSec Siltbreeze
5:08pm Malhavoc   Released Release, the Hymen Records
5:08pm Viking   Warlord Do or Die Hymen Records
5:10pm Demonztrator   Contradiction Fistful of thrash Vol 1
5:11pm Epidemic   Hate Decameron Hymen Records
5:11pm Womit Angel   Religion Latex Suffocate Under Sadistic Pressure Reaper Metal Productions
5:15pm Secret Pyramid   Turning Into Air A Vanishing Touch Ba Da Bing!
5:17pm Facedowninshit   Ten Strip Nothing Positive, Only Negative Relapse Records
5:20pm Rudimentary Peni   Vatican City Hearse Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric Outer Himalayan Records
5:22pm Deathgrave   The Resigned It's Only Midnight Tank Crimes
5:24pm Capitalist Casualties   Walk a Straight Lie Dope and War Slap a Ham
5:24pm Converge   The Broken Vow Jane Doe Equal Vision
5:26pm Sarcasm   Violence Lowest Form of Wit Tribal War
5:27pm Stress Positions   This Land Walang Hiya Iron Lung Records
5:30pm Cold Storage   Sepulcros de Sal Sepulcros De Sal Rural Isolation Project
5:30pm Abuse Potential   Tarnak Farm Incident, Part I Abuse Potential / Varldsbrand Birth Control Productions
5:31pm Cogs and Sprockets   Untitled Cogs and Sprockets Mullet Death
5:39pm Stryker   Circle of Evil
5:42pm Fates Warning   Shades of Heavenly Death No Exit Hymen Records
5:49pm Manilla Road   Dementia the Deluge
5:51pm Riot City   Beyond the Stars
5:56pm Wooden Stake   Forbidden Oath At the Stroke of Midnight Razorback Records