The Giant Claw rebroadcast

Monday 25 March 2024 2:00am to 6:00am
Rebroadcast from Thursday 30 June 2016 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:01am Charalambides   In In Cr Ea Se Eclipse Records
2:07am Marco Fusinato   25th of January Ambianxe Spring Press, The
2:11am I stand with Hillary
2:11am Ashtray Navigations   Phaser Like a Block of Salt Use Copenhagen '69 Guitars... Siltbreeze Records
2:15am Bran (...) Pos   Ffffestering Ffffistula of Light (Dark Edition) Minus One Chitah! Chitah! Soundcrac
2:17am Troum   Untitled (Side A) Sen Equation Records
2:21am Dimmer   Giant Eagle Remissions Isounderscore
2:22am Gravitar   Rocket to Dearborn You Must First Learn to Draw The Real Monotremata Records
2:25am Pulse Emitter   Untitled 2 Pleistocene House of Lies Recordings
2:32am GDFX   The Legend of GDFX (part I) True N-Ibiru Ormolycka
2:36am Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.   In C In C / in E Eclipse Records
2:37am Soft Architecture   Cognition of Thresholds Soft Architecture / Placozoa Dictatorship Lurker Bias
2:38am Dylan Thomas   A Winter's Tale Reading... Caedmon
2:41am Dissecting Table   Man in the Black Box Human Breeding Release Records
2:45am Mohammad   Liberig Min Som Sakrifis Pan
2:52am Warmer Milks   Radish On Light Radish On Light Troubleman Unlimited
2:53am John Wiese   Segmenting Process (Portland) Deviate From Balance Gilgongo Records
2:57am Fluorescent Grey   Dedetris - Vaadwaur (Side 1) Delta Quadrant PIAS
2:59am Bela Bartok   String Quartet #1 Movement 1 6 String Quartets Deutsche Grammophon
3:01am Grave Upheaval   Untitled 7 ? Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:02am Circus Calliope   Side C Two Fer One Audio Fidelity Records
3:09am David Koresh   Oration Voice of Fire N/A
3:17am Christian Calon   Les Corps Eblouis Les Corps Eblouis Empreintes Digitales
3:21am Freiband   Steel (hardware) Stainless Steel Ini Itu
3:23am Emeralds   Nereus (Spirits Over The Lake) Allegory of Allergies Weird Forest Records
3:24am My Cat Is An Alien   When The Windmill's Whirl Dies When the Windmill's Whirl Dies Eclipse Records
3:45am Pete Fosco   Negative Mind Part 2 Negative Mind Holy Cheever Church
3:46am Christopher Riggs   0:36 0:36, 0:30 Holy Cheever Church
3:48am Tom Carter & Pat Murano   Avalokitesvara S/T Kelippah
3:51am Beaux Arts Trio   Allegro Vivace (Schubert) Schubert Piano Quintet, Op. 114/ "The Trout" Philips
3:54am Christoph Heemann   4 Aftersolstice Barooni
3:57am Aidan Baker   I Flay My Skin Upon Which to Write These Letters to You Letters Basses Frequencies
4:11am Mass Producers   Performance For Large Saxophone Ensemble 1 Performances For Large Saxophone Ensemble Dark Beloved Cloud
4:20am Klaus Schulze   Thor (Thunder) Kontinuum synthetic symphony
4:25am Burial Hex   Beat Heart Bagirwa Hymn Von
4:28am Crispin Glover   Side A Big Problem, The Restless Records
4:32am Phurpa   Conferring Empowerment and Self Transformation Trowo Phurnag Ceremony Editions Mego
4:36am Con-Dom   Control Subjection Industrial Recollections
4:39am Vesicus   Magi: Within The Sigil of Kia Magi: Within The Sigil of Kia Graceless Recordings
4:42am NOISE DRONE MASS   untitled Maladjustment Shrouded Recordings
4:47am Black Magic Disco   Side D Black Magic Disco A Silent Place
4:50am Crosss   Will-O'-The-Wisp Obsidian Spectre Telephone Explosion
4:55am Cedric Stevens   Siam Electric Skyline Syncopated Elevators Legacy, The Discrepant
4:58am Glenn Branca   Bad Smells Lesson No. 1 Acute Records
5:02am Arvo Part   Jesus Is Judged Passio Naxos World
5:12am Robert Hampson   Signaux 1 Signaux Editions Mego
5:14am Heavy Winged   Among The Maori Fields Within Fields Three Lobed Recordings
5:18am Gabriele Santini   Side F Conducts Puccini's Madame Butterfly Angel
5:21am Burning Star Core   When The Tripods Came Operator Dead...Post Abandoned No Quarter
5:25am Unmanned   of The Eyes: Unremarkable Faces Ageism Idiopathic Records
5:26am Aaron Dilloway   Body Chaos Modern Jester Hanson Records
5:40am Thomas Koner   Tabula Smaragdina Kaamos Mille Plateaux
5:48am Shirley Jackson   Reading from 'The Daemon Lover'