abacus finch rebroadcast

Thursday 28 March 2024 2:00am to 6:00am
Rebroadcast from Tuesday 8 May 2012 2:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
+++   Love Earth Music +++
2:01am Dog   99.9% Stupid Greetings From Moot Point, California Love Earth Music
2:08am Phog Masheen   Five Miles of Broken Glass 23 Duets Love Earth Music
2:12am Marion Barry   Ark of Disease God Is Back, and He's Hungry Love Earth Music
2:13am Dental Work   Fever Zone Fruit of Lebanon Love Earth Music
2:17am Jolthrower   ENF08 Jolthrower II Love Earth Music
2:22am Chopstick   Forgiveness Please Forgiveness Please Loveearth Music
3:00am Interview   with Steve Davis aka +Dog+
3:13am Dog   Uncontrolled Laughter Greetings From Moot Point, California Love Earth Music
3:16am Dog   1959, 1961 Three Headed Death Dog Detector
3:19am Liver Cancer   Cybergeddon Horrible Moment Love Earth Music
3:20am Interview   with Geordan and Bobby from Liver Cancer
3:34am Liver Cancer   Liver at Norcal Noisefest Nov 2011
3:39am Liver Cancer and Chopstick   Everything Will Die this Winter Anhedonia
3:49am a Screaming Comes Across The Sky   Gotterdammerung Void Terror Loveearth Music
4:02am Endometrium Cuntplow   Environmenticide Ecoplasty Love Earth Music
4:05am Bavab Bavab   Bicycle Kitchen
4:13am Portable Noise Kremator   Live at Optimus Prime II Aug 20, 2008
4:23am En Nihil   The Absolute The Absolute Love Earth Music
4:27am Actuary   Toasted God Is Back, and He's Hungry Love Earth Music
4:30am Interview   with Dave aka Endometrium Cuntplow
4:43am Endometrium Cuntplow   Live at Wonder Valley Noise Fest 4-14-2012
4:51am Endometrium Cuntplow   Beneath Lunar Rocks Ecoplasty Love Earth Music
5:04am The Transhumans   City Hall Dog / Transhumans, The Love Earth Music
5:15am Instagon   Thee Leap Survivors of Thee Psychick Conflickt Love Earth Music
5:18am Aderlating   untitled
5:26am Lortie   Total Shock Bete Lumineuse / Lortie
5:27am Black Scorpio Underground   Siphonaptera Plague Treaties
5:30am Crank Sturgeon   Amid Stook Trilobite... S/T Rrrecords
5:39am Electro Static Orchestra   queen larry king A Healthy Diet of Broken Glass Love Earth Music
5:44am DDDD   Frustration Music
5:50am Croatoan   Pluto LZ f.t.w.
5:54am Kawaiietly Please   Sibling Telepathy
5:55am Dog   Generation XXX Forced Morality Love Earth Music