Teachers AIDS

Saturday 30 March 2024 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:01pm Justin Walter   Inner Voices Destroyer Kranky
3:03pm Starcave Nebula   Transcending Beyond What Was Ever Thought Possible... Starcave Nebula / Perfume Eye of Rot
3:12pm Isolation   Superior Coagulation Rural Isolation Project
3:18pm Carved Cross   Awakening to Perturbation Caustic Allure of Manifest Hallucination ASRAR
3:30pm Buckethead   The Letter Be.... Valis II - Everything Must Go Ion
3:30pm Sanguine Relic   Mirage In The Pouring Light Immatura Morte / Sanguine Relic Perverse Homage
3:40pm Thomas Carnacki   Astrolabe (Cheryl E. Leonard Remix) Cadavre Isole Alethiometer
3:45pm Trha   ebu aglha anhe aglivajsame..
3:56pm Intrinsic Action   Libidinal Ramblings (Early Instrumental Version - Edit) II BloodLust!
4:10pm Austere   Towards the Great Unknown Austere / Lyrinx Eerie Art
4:13pm Timelash   Shadows of The Skyfish Feral Lands & Forbidden Cities Aguirre
4:22pm Mnima   Cursed Relics, Cursed Soil Cursed Relics
4:27pm Civilistjavel!   Untitled Thieving Dogs! Low Company
4:33pm Abruptum   Corpus In-As traher abincere orchestra of the dark
4:36pm Celestiial   Haunting Cries Beneath Desolate North Bindrune
4:50pm Eyehatelucy   are you sure you know what reality is 1996 - 2006 Discography
5:01pm Iron Shrine   Desert Christ Drifter II (Unwanted Christ) Desert Christ Drifter spareorgan
5:25pm Blue Sabbath Black Cheer   Ritual Murder, Buried in the Bog Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Actuary
5:27pm SBTDOH   face first Dregs: Bloody Scabs Seeping From Gravel Under the Skin Aberrant Recordings
5:36pm Moss   ..of flesh and blood sinister history volume I chapter I
5:45pm K. Leimer   Vagart Spall Palace of Lights
5:54pm Wooden Stake   Stalking in the Shadowlands At the Stroke of Midnight Razorback Records