Monday 1 April 2024 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:03pm Dale Cooper Quartet   Ignescence Black-bass Recule Quatorze Pieces de Menace Denovali Records
10:11pm Floating Points, Sanders, P. & London S. O.   Movement I Promises
10:17pm Le Noise   Sauvage Bat
10:21pm The Stranglers   Duchess Raven, the United Artists Records
10:23pm Bong-Ra   Amun (Hidden Chambers) Antediluvian Svart Lava
10:30pm Guts Club   Horrifying Ghost Story CLIFFS/WALLS
10:41pm Crime of Passing   Vision Talk Crime of Passing Feel It Records
10:45pm Scimitar   Almas Haunted Music 4 Haunted People Talacha
10:48pm Blu Anxxiety   Baptized In Space Baptized In Space Toxic State
10:52pm Un Hombre Solo   Quebrando Espejos Haunted Music 4 Haunted People Talacha
10:54pm Q Lazurus   Goodbye Horses Goodbye Horses All Nations Records
11:01pm Justin Walter   Inner Voices Destroyer Kranky
11:06pm Bohren & Der Club Of Gore   Patchouli Blue Patchouli Blue Ipecac Recocordings
11:15pm Omit   Dipvoid InSec Siltbreeze
11:30pm Iron Shrine   Desert Christ Drifter I (Concrete Christt) Desert Christ Drifter spareorgan
11:38pm Real Life   Send Me An Angel(Extended... Send Me An Angel Curb Records
11:43pm The Ex   State Of Shock 30 Ex Records
11:49pm Lazer Bullet   Faster Than Spirit Suck Shit Black Water
11:50pm Milk Music   He Is Coming Mystic 100's Dom America
11:51pm Reality Crisis   Hateful Wall Not Bound By The Past, We Live In The Present Prank
11:56pm Jodie Foster's Army   Baja JFA Placebo Records
11:58pm Jodie Foster's Army   We Know You Suck JFA Placebo Records
12:00am Crow   Cursed Nail Dream Eye Prank
12:02am Weeping And Gnashing of Teeth   Weeping And Gnashing of Teeth Weeping And Gnashing of Teeth
12:24am Wind Hearse   Flame In The Skies Trident Klaxon Productions
12:27am Horrid Apparition   Evil Reigns Evil Reigns self release
12:32am Lament In Winter's Night   Ode To Springs Bloom In Death's Midst... Vol. I Altare Productions
12:45am Totenburg   Peststurm (Intro) Peststurm 1999 Demo Fog Of The Apocalypse
12:49am Totenburg   Schwarzer Geist 1999 Demo Peststurm Fog Of The Apocalypse
12:56am Moonblood   A Walk In The Woods Domains Of Hell Misanthrophia Discos
1:03am Fellwinter   From Lightning's Cradle Promo Tape '24 self release
1:09am Mammiffer/Oakeater   Fake Witch Iron Road II Sige
1:22am Atrium Carceri & Cities Last Broadcast   Cult of the Black Moon Retro Tape Mixed Archives Cryo Chamber
1:34am Dungeontroll   An Eternal Threnody for the Dungeontroll Mournful Melodies of Ophior's Grotto Serpent's Sword Records
1:42am Corpse Pose/Balcony View   Balcony View-Calm Corpse Pose/ Balcony View split self release
1:49am Thomas Carnacki   Powerless Suspension To Do Any Good Cadavre Isole Alethiometer
1:53am Regler   Regel #10 (Minimalism) Regel #10 (Minimalism) Seminal Records
1:54am whngr@kfjc.org