Robert Emmett

Saturday 6 April 2024 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am April Stevens   Teach Me Tiger
9:05am Trailer   It Came From Outer Space
9:05am Irving Aaronson   Let's Misbehave
9:08am Psychotronix   Kelly's Car Wash
9:09am Jean Harlow   Reckless
9:14am Nino Rota   Fortunella
9:16am Barry Gray   Stringray
9:17am SKA Tunes   Beetlejuice
9:20am Comm   Suzie Q Pepsodent
9:21am Elvis   Viva Las Vegas
9:28am Rock All Night   Rock All Night
9:29am Beau Hunks   Fliver Flops
9:31am THEM!   Main theme and Lost Girl
9:34am Trailer   Walk on the Wild Side
9:40am Lola Albright   Dreamsville
9:40am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Wind on the Water
9:41am TV Theme   The Fugitive (new)
9:46am Cliff Martinez   Bad Day to be a Monkey Contagion
9:48am Psychotronix   Remco Make your own Radio
9:48am Supremes   Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
9:54am Betty Boop   Old Man in The Mountain
9:57am Benny Goodman   Peter and the Wolf
10:00am Bob and Ray   Wally Ballou at the Movie Premiere
10:03am Arnold Schoenberg's Orchestre Surreal   Stompin the Fifth
10:06am Joi Lansing   The Silencers
10:12am Sophia Loren   Almost in Your Arms Houseboat
10:15am Bollywood Oscar Winner   Naata Naata
10:29am Cool Secret Place   Tool Lending Libraries Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond, Fremont, Santa Clara
10:29am John Powell   Paycheck
10:51am T V Mystery Theme   S W A T
10:51am Henry Mancini   Touch of Evil
11:00am Count Floyd   Gory Story of Duane & Debbie Count Floyd RCA Records
11:05am Psychotronix   Scrappy
11:06am National Lampoon Radio Hour   Ryan O'Neil Retrospective
11:06am Brian Tyler   Ironman 3
11:13am That Thing You Do   Doing that thing you do
11:14am Trailer   Invaders from Mars
11:16am Bernard Herrmann   Mysterious Island
11:18am Trailer   No Deposit No Return
11:21am TV theme   ABC Movie of the Week
11:24am Yellow Submarine   Pepperland
11:26am Naked Gun 2 1/2   I Guess I'm Just Screwed
11:29am Max Steiner   King Kong
11:30am Gypsy Rose Lee   Haven't a Thing to Wear
11:33am Trailer   The Magic Sword
11:37am Richard Markowitz   Magic Sword main theme
11:38am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR I dig Rock and Roll Music
11:40am Ray Ellis   Spiderman Action Music
11:44am Laurence Rosenthal   Meteor
11:47am Industrial Musicals   Tractor Driving Man
11:51am Comm   Frontier Village
11:51am Alfred Hitchcock   Music to be Murdered By
11:53am TV theme   Wanda Vision (Partridge Family)
11:55am Jerry Goldsmith   Inchon
11:59am TV Theme   Batman Beyond