Teachers AIDS

Saturday 6 April 2024 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:03pm Sanguine Relic   I - II The Vampyre Weeps In Secrecy of the Night Final Agony/Satanik Requiem
3:05pm Wind Hearse   Avanki Toroy Trident Klaxon Productions
3:11pm As Sahar   Tinggam Phenomistik Blackwinds
3:18pm Justin Walter   For Us Destroyer Kranky
3:29pm Golden Milk   Untitled Freedom Only In Death Dungeon Tapes
3:29pm Omit   Segmentor InSec Siltbreeze
3:35pm Arghoslent   Terra Nullius Resuscitation Of The Revanchists Weltenfeind Productions
3:40pm Coldness   Am I Dead... Our Putrefacted Essence (Coldness/Irae) Satan's Millennium Productions
3:43pm Mastery   Demo 4 - I Barbaric Usurpation of The Hypereonic Black Metal Throne Tumult
3:45pm Morricone, Ennio (Scusi, Facciamo L'Amore?)   Two cigarettes Scusi, Facciamo L'Amore? GSF Records
3:50pm Leviathan   Courtship of the Discarded Verrater Tumult
3:56pm Zarathustra   Black Perverted Aggression Black Perverted Aggression Zarathustra Release
4:01pm Timelash   Shadows of The Skyfish Feral Lands & Forbidden Cities Aguirre
4:04pm Vorlust   I am Woman, I am Beast Lick the Flesh Transylvanian Recordings
4:07pm Exhumed   Drained of Color To the Dead Relapse
4:12pm Vile Command   Lunacy Fog Obscene Conjurations Forbidden Sonority
4:14pm Civilistjavel!   Untitled Thieving Dogs! Low Company
4:21pm Deprecation   Portrait of Mutilated Portrait of Mutilated Inherited Suffering Records
4:24pm Archspire   Involuntary Doppelganger Relentless Mutation Season of Mist
4:27pm Rings of Saturn   Desolate Paradise Lugal Ki En Unique Leader
4:31pm Sequences   Agua Viva: Illuminated and Translucent Agua Viva Elevator Bath
4:34pm Asphyx   Vermin Rack, the Century Media
4:38pm Nervochaos   Cursed Soul Quarrel in Hell Ibex Moon
4:44pm Cianide   Trust no One Cianide/Nunslaughter Merciless
4:44pm Sniper Bait   A Jerrycan of Water for the Week The Nature of Camouflage as a Perceptual Phenomenon PIT
4:52pm Decapitated   Cancer Culture Cancer Culture Nuclear Blast
4:54pm Cruciamentum   Scorn Manifestation Obsidian Refractions Profound Lore
4:59pm Sunk Heaven   Fall W/O Impact Fuckhearted Lvng, The American Dream Records
4:59pm Womit Angel   Impaled In The Name Of Grotesque Triumph Under Sadistic Pressure Reaper Metal Productions
5:04pm Diabology   Blackblood Fistfull of Thrash Vol 1 Hills Are Dead
5:07pm Power Trip   Acid Opening Fire Dark Operative
5:11pm Vapuleador   Acido y Corrosive Animales del Caos Awakening Records
5:13pm Massgrav   Gud Forlater, Inte Jag This War Will Be Won By Meateaters Pollute
5:14pm Massgrav   Det Varars For Sherrifen This War Will Be Won By Meateaters Pollute
5:15pm Massgrav   Alf Svenssons Huvud Pa Ett Fat This War Will Be Won By Meateaters Pollute
5:15pm Wormrot   Butt Krieg Is Showing Dirge Earache Records
5:16pm Wormrot   Fucking Fierce So What Dirge Earache Records
5:16pm Wormrot   Ferocious Bombardment Dirge Earache Records
5:17pm Secret Pyramid   Blush A Vanishing Touch Ba Da Bing!
5:20pm Hemotoxin   Transparent Eyes Biological Enslavement Dark Descent Records
5:23pm Flotsam and Jetsam   The Master Sleeps When the Storm Comes Down MCA
5:28pm Atrophy   Urban Decay Socialized Hate Roadracer
5:32pm Testament   Children of the Next Level Titans of Creation Titans of Creation
5:38pm Varldsbrand   Begrava Sig Sjalv Levande Abuse Potential / Varldsbrand Birth Control Productions
5:43pm Cirith Ungol   Fractus Promissum Forever Black Metal Blade Records
5:48pm Letalis   Escupe Fuego Bestia Oculta Selvajaria Records
5:53pm Venom   The Evil One Cast in Stone Steamhammer
5:54pm Warrior Path   Beast of Hate The Mad King Stormspell Records