Teachers AIDS

Saturday 13 April 2024 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:01pm Kawir   Hecatonchires Kydoimos Soulseller
3:06pm Obsidian Grave   The Burning Virtues Of Frenzied Vengeance In Death's Midst... Vol. I Altare Productions
3:12pm Wind Hearse   Flame In The Skies Trident Klaxon Productions
3:17pm Timelash   Chalkwing's Floating Pagoda Feral Lands & Forbidden Cities Aguirre
3:19pm A.I.D.S.   Shit Stains Spread Onto The Pages of The Bible Syndrome of The End Approaching Serpens Caput
3:25pm Aufnorden   La Liberte America Septentrionalis Darker Than Black
3:29pm Wulkanaz   Bixmulin Wulkanaz Helter Skelter (Sweden)
3:31pm Thomas Carnacki   Astrolabe (Cheryl E. Leonard Remix) Cadavre Isole Alethiometer
3:35pm Forgjord   Ihtiriekko Laulu Kuolemasta Werewolf Records
3:39pm Marduk   Obedience Obedience Regain Records
3:43pm Adversaire   Fils du Chaos Adversaire
3:49pm Civilistjavel!   Untitled Thieving Dogs! Low Company
3:54pm Immatura Morte   The Black Flame Will Destroy Your Essence Immatura Morte / Sanguine Relic Perverse Homage
3:54pm Worthless   No Comfort Can Be Found... a Portrait of Mankind Noctis Productions
4:00pm Aliakbar Moradi/Pejman Hadadi   Prelude: (Maqam Sahari) Whisper Kereshmeh Records
4:05pm Burning   Victims of Fear Infernal Steel
4:09pm Malveillance   Sous Les Flammes Insignifiance Suffering Jesus
4:13pm Valborg   Mortum Der Alte LupusLounge/Prophecy
4:15pm Hallucinator   Clotted Black Blood Another Cruel Dimension Carbonized
4:17pm Sniper Bait   September Knots The Nature of Camouflage as a Perceptual Phenomenon PIT
4:25pm Cruciamentum   Charnal Passages Obsidian Refractions Profound Lore
4:30pm Mastectomy   Hatred is Sexy Worst Kind of Human Rotten Music
4:33pm Justus Kohncke   Mindless Sex Track Kompakt Total 19 Kompakt Schallplatten
4:35pm Unleashed   Violent Ecstasy Where no Life Dwells Century Media
4:38pm Necrot   Lifeless Birth Lifeless Birth Tankcrimes
4:43pm Acephalix   Theothanatology Theothanatology 20 Buck Spin
4:48pm Secret Pyramid   Valerian A Vanishing Touch Ba Da Bing!
4:49pm Sinister   Sadistic Intent Diabolical Summoning Nuclear Blast America
4:54pm Gorguts   With Their Flesh, He'll Create Erosion of Sanity Roadrunner
4:58pm Abuse Potential   Tarnak Farm Incident, Part II Abuse Potential / Varldsbrand Birth Control Productions
5:00pm Vile Command   Cacophonous Appearances Obscene Conjurations Forbidden Sonority
5:04pm Cult Graves   Cult Graves Strange Customs/ Demo 18 Godz Ov War
5:12pm Coffins   Forced Disorder Sinister Oath Relapse
5:17pm Universal Cell Unlock   Innocence Track Number 7 Innocence of Logic Psychic Sounds
5:17pm Corker   H.E. False Truths Feel It Records
5:20pm Pissgrave   Mass Cremation Suicide Euphoria Profound Lore Records
5:22pm Dead Language   They're Still Out There Dead Language Iron Lung Records
5:24pm Infinite Waste   Affluenza Dead in the Bay PIAS
5:26pm Stress Positions   This Land Walang Hiya Iron Lung Records
5:28pm Ghoul   Gutbucket Blues Splatterthrash Tankcrimes
5:30pm Crow   Cursed Nail Dream Eye Prank
5:32pm SBTDOH   face first Dregs: Bloody Scabs Seeping From Gravel Under the Skin Aberrant Recordings
5:40pm Scorpions   Inheritance Lonesome Crow Bomb Records
5:43pm Scorpions   Action Lonesome Crow Bomb Records
5:46pm Scorpions   Lonesome Crow Lonesome Crow Bomb Records