Robert Emmett

Saturday 27 April 2024 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:03am Siouxsie and the Banshees   Face to Face Batman Returns
9:08am Nino Rota   Godfather Waltz Godfather
9:09am Thomas Newman   Six Feet Under
9:15am Tom Hazleton   Caravan Fox Theatre Organ Salinas
9:18am Alfred Newman   Hymn to Aton The Egyptian
9:28am Royal Symphonic Band of Beligium Guides   Hail California San Francisco Jewel City
9:34am Anna Russell   Ah Lovers
9:34am Leonard Nimoy   Highly Illogical Dr Demento 25th Anniversary
9:42am Monica Ashton   Ending Credits
9:46am Louis Armstrong   We Have All the Time in the World
9:50am Elmer Bernstein   Jubilation
9:55am Danny Elfman   The Children's Hour Batman Returns
9:59am Siouxsie and the Banshees   I Could Be Again
10:08am Carl Davis   Thief of Bagdad
10:11am Kessler Sisters   Cuando Cuando Cuando
10:15am Psychotronix   Squirt jingle
10:15am Joel McNeely   Samantha
10:22am Henry Mancini   If I Fell
10:36am Cool Secret Place   SoFA Spring Fair
10:43am Beyond the Valley of the Dolls   Come on the Gentle People
10:43am John Barry   Deadfall
10:51am TV Mystery Theme   This Old House
10:51am Miklos Rozsa   Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
10:57am Brian Tyler   The Fate of the Furious
11:00am Betty Davis   Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
11:04am Crybaby   Doin Time for Being Young
11:08am Psychotronix   Going Thing - Mustang
11:08am Elmer Bernstein   Doctor's Wives
11:12am Leonard Bernstein   On the Waterfront
11:16am Pied Pipers   Yes We Have No Bananas Luxury Liner
11:18am Psychotronix   Fiend without a Face
11:19am David Newman   Galaxy Quest
11:23am Ethel Merman   I get a Kick out of You
11:26am Monster That Challenged the World   Main theme
11:27am Trailer   Mysterious Island Psychotronix
11:31am TV Theme   Super 6
11:31am TV Theme   Super 7
11:34am TV Theme   Super President
11:34am TV theme   Super Force
11:34am TV Theme   Super Train
11:36am TV Theme   Super Car
11:37am Drawn out Drama   Dod Sept 15
11:39am TV theme   Suspense
11:42am Dolly Parton   9 to 5
11:45am Wille the Lion Smith   Echoes of Spring
11:48am David Shire   Tik Tok Return to Oz
11:55am Virginia Mayo   I'm Tired
11:56am Ricard Rogers   Victory at Sea
11:57am TV Theme   Milton the Monster
11:58am Hoyt Curtin   Flintstones