Lord Gravestench rebroadcast

Wednesday 1 May 2024 2:00am to 6:00am
Rebroadcast from Sunday 28 May 2017 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:01am Maschinenzimmer 412   Dissekt Macht Durch Stimme Dark Vinyl
2:07am Maschinenzimmer 412   Cold Face Malfeitor Cold Meat Industry
2:10am Nordvargr   to live again as a servant of darkness (excerpt) In Oceans Abandoned By Life I Drown... essence music
2:16am Pouppee Fabrikk   Portent Portent Energy Rekords
2:20am MZ.412   Daemon Raging In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi Cold Meat Industry
2:26am MZ.412   Feasting on Khristian Blood Burning The Temple of God Cold Meat Industry
2:33am Folkstorm   Haus Betula Information Blitzkrieg Old Europa Cafe
2:42am MZ.412   Algiz - Konvergence Of Life And Death Nordik Battle Signs Cold Meat Industry
2:49am Folkstorm   Harsh Discipline Victory or Death Cold Spring
2:56am Folkstorm   Clone This Archive Series 5 - The Culturecide Campaigns Old Europa Cafe
2:59am Folkstorm   Hurtmusic Hurtmusic Old Europa Cafe
3:03am Econocon   Hatepolicy Business Solutions For The Active Terrorist Old Europa Cafe
3:06am Toroidh   Europe Is Dead 2 European Trilogy, The War Office Propaganda
3:10am Toroidh   Never Again 5 European Trilogy, The War Office Propaganda
3:15am MZ.412   Komuni: Disciple 824.9 KX Domine Rex Inferum Cold Meat Industry
3:23am Folkstorm   For Future Battles Ultrason Une Records
3:27am HH9   Life In Death Power Display Old Europa Cafe
3:32am Folkstorm   In The Name of Culture For The Love Of Hate Cold Meat Industry
3:37am Nordvargr   Cellardweller Awaken Eibon
3:43am Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk   BA (Excerpt) Sleep Therapy Old Europa Cafe
3:48am Toroidh   My Will European Trilogy, The War Office Propaganda
3:53am Folkstorm   II Sweden Cold Spring
3:58am Toroidh   No Hope For Unity Final Testimony: Sekuencias De Culto Tesco Organisation
4:05am Henrik N Bjorkk   Patterns Emerging 1 I End Forever Horch!
4:10am Folkstorm   God Hates Amerika Folkmusik Old Europa Cafe
4:17am Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk   Portrait of a Cardinal 1955 (Excerpt) Four Studies For a Human Portrait (tribute to Francis Bacon) Vital Records
4:23am Hentai Vs. Nordvargr   Mechanical Pain Semen Vital Records
4:27am Goatvargr   Filthdaemon Goatvargr Cold Spring
4:33am MZ.412   Infernal Affairs I Infernal Affairs Cold Meat Industry
4:40am Toroidh   Israel Segervittring Neuropa
4:44am Vargr   Christ Deflowered Northern Black Supremacy 20 Buck Spin
4:48am Vargr   Goat Kommando Wehrmacht Satanas Eternal Pride Productions
4:52am Nordvargr/Drakh/Klier   The Less You Know, The Better 1 Less You Know, The Better, The Old Europa Cafe
5:01am Folkstorm   Workingclass Ferox Ortodox Old Europa Cafe
5:06am Henrik N Bjorkk   22 Juli 2011 (Excerpt) Tyglad Best Self-Released
5:12am Folkstorm   Vermin Folksongs Old Europa Cafe
5:17am MZ.412   Act IV Hekatomb Cold Spring
5:22am KFJC interview with Nordvargr
5:57am Anima Nostra   Composition For The Shadow Self Atraments Malignant