Robert Emmett

Saturday 4 May 2024 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am Lion's Club   Star Wars
9:06am Bill Conti   Breaking the Sound Barrier The Right Stuff
9:10am Bye Bye Birdie (soundtrack)   Put on a Happy Face Bye Bye Birdie Columbia
9:16am Henry Mancini   Springtime for Hitler
9:18am Psychotronix   Mr Bubble
9:20am Diana Dors   I feel so MMM As Long As Their Happy
9:24am Angelo Badelamenti   Twin Peaks
9:29am Psychotronix   Boris Karloff for Butternut
9:30am Hans J Salter   Ghost of Frankenstein
9:33am Frankenstein vs Wolfman   The Song of the New Wine
9:34am PSA   National Drinking Test
9:36am Bluegrass   Star Wars
9:38am Psychotronix   Scrappy - I'm a Ghost
9:41am Psychotronix   Are you listening to the Radio
9:42am TV theme   Miami Vice
9:45am Sammy Davis Jr   Johnny Cool
9:49am Trailer   The Vulture
9:50am TV theme   Man from UNCLE
9:53am Leroy Shields   Prelude
9:55am Danny Elfman   Batman
10:02am Cast   Cheers Nixon In China Elektra Nonesuch
10:02am Bob and Ray   Anxiety - Ghost House
10:06am Meco   Star Wars Disco
10:13am Godzilla (soundtrack)   Godzilla Main Title 50th Anniversary Edition La-La Land Records, Inc.
10:16am Invaders from Mars   Opening
10:19am Filmhaus Choir   Psycho
10:19am HAARE   HAARE German Cast
10:31am Tipsy   Ooops!
10:44am TV Mystery Theme   Starsky and Hutch
10:44am Neil Norman   Sci Fi in Hi Fi
10:53am Scott Moon   Watching TV
11:00am TV Theme   Suspense
11:05am Psychotronix   Hardware Wars
11:06am Lorne Green   Ringo
11:10am Spot 1019   Speed Racer Live in the KFJC Pit 1988
11:14am Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies   Science Fiction Double Feature Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show
11:17am Psychotronix   No Smoking John Waters
11:17am Henry Mancini   Lifeforce
11:21am Marc Shaiman   Family Plotz Addams Family
11:26am Tom Jones   For Coke
11:27am Cass Castein   Star Wars
11:29am Melbourne SKA Orchestra   Star Wars
11:33am Psychotronix   One Got Fat
11:39am Bernard Herrmann   Jason and the Argonauts
11:43am Vic Mizzy   The Reluctant Astronaut
11:47am PSA   Don't Cross the Street in the Middle
11:47am Beast from 20000 Fathoms   Main Theme More Monstrous Movie Music
11:48am Betty Boop   Old Man in the Mountain
11:54am Teenage Crime Wave   Main Theme
11:57am Stan Freberg   Open Oats
11:57am TV Theme   Brains vs Brawn
11:58am TV Theme   Bronk
11:58am TV Theme   Candid Camera