abacus finch

Saturday 4 May 2024 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:02pm Judas Priest   Let Us Prey Sin After Sin Epic / CBS
Tab In/Tab Out   Harsh Harsh Noise Workout Imploding Sounds
Heat Signature   No Ordinary Torment Dark Relief, The Skeleton Dust Records
3:24pm Tad   Leper Salem Sub Pop Records
3:28pm Rusted Shut   Shot In The Head Dead Load Records
3:30pm Pleasurehorse   Silicone Tit You're Soaking in It Load Records
G.X Larson-Jupiter   an ordinary shovel Banned Prod.
3:36pm Max Nordile Hair Clinic   Green River Ceramics Unit Hanging By A Fan Over Wet Cement Gilgongo Records
3:42pm Ansible   3rd-Person Memory Eat. Prey. Dispose Self Released
Hair Police   Worldbeater Blow Out Your Blood Freedom From
3:47pm Vorlust   Tormenta Lick the Flesh Transylvanian Recordings
3:53pm Conqueror   Hammer of Antichrist War.Cult.Supremacy Nuclear War Now! Productions
Striborg   In the Eerie Pre-dawn Silence of the Cold Embittered Darkness / Isle De Morts Southern Lord Recordings
3:59pm Cruciamentum   Scorn Manifestation Obsidian Refractions Profound Lore
4:05pm Mayhem   Buried By Time and Dust From The Darkest Past Necromancyrecords.com
4:11pm Dolorvotre   L.S.D. Dolorvotre Crepusculo Negro
4:16pm Volahn   Mi General Zapata El Tigre Del Sur Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:24pm Diapsiquir   Kmkz A.N.T.I. End All Life Productions
Auditor   Fading Into Obsolescence Vernepator Cur Black Horizons
4:33pm Gutter Hair   Tire Iron Bred to Gulp Eating Napkins
4:35pm Interracial Sex   White Women Are Ruining My Life Lacerations Troniks
The Bug   Please, Please feat. Roger Robinson Absent Riddim Pressure
4:43pm White People Killed Them   Side A White People Killed Them SIGE Records
Don Dietrich   Tabulae Sex Ecstatic Peace!
4:57pm Get Killed   Progress Report No Substitutes E.P. Corleone
5:00pm Stress Positions   Lust For Pleasure Walang Hiya Iron Lung Records
5:02pm Brainbombs   End Up Dead I Need Speed / End Up Dead Big Brothel Condominium
5:07pm Thug   Cancer Causes Rats Loud & Ugly Vol. 2 Bovine
5:11pm Landed   Side A Dairy 4 Dinner Load Records
Tongue Depressor + Larkin, Austin   Side B Adjoining Bridge Tongue Depressor + Larkin, Austin Redscroll
5:36pm Coppice   While Like Teem Or Bloom Comes (Tipping) Cores/Eruct Category of manifestation
5:50pm Radu Malfatti/Mattin   untitled Whitenoise W.M.O./r