Robert Emmett

Saturday 11 May 2024 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am Tomita   Claire de Lune Snowflakes are Dancing
9:08am Fran Warren   Mother Mother
9:10am Black Orpheus   Day of the Carnival
9:16am Julie Andrews   The Lusty Month of May Camelot Columbia
9:21am Stooshe   Love Me
9:21am Trailer   Spellbound
9:26am Bernard Herrmann   The Man Who Knew Too Much
9:29am Whitney and Erb   Have You Written Mother Lately
9:31am John Barry   Mood One Betty Page Burlesque Girl
9:34am Trailer   Spree
9:36am Nancy Sinatra   You Only Live Twice
9:40am TV Theme   Call the Midwife
9:41am TV Theme   Mom
9:41am Henry Mancini   End Credits Mommie Dearest
9:49am Trailer   Die Mommy Die
9:49am Peggy Ryan   Let's Play House Here Comes the Brides
9:53am Henry Mancini   My Manne Shelley Peter Gunn
9:56am Drawn Out Drama   Dod May 23
9:59am TV Theme   ABC Movie of the Week
10:01am Bob and Ray   Elmer W Litzsinger, Spy in the Yukon
10:05am Paul McCartney   Live and Let Die 30th Anniversary Best of James Bond
10:09am TV Theme   The 20th Century
10:09am Trailer   Kitten with a Whip
10:11am Bernard Herrman   Walking Distance Twilight Zone
10:14am Miklos Rozsa   Reunion Lust for Life
10:18am Trailer   The Mating Game
10:18am Andre Previn   The Subterraneans
10:20am Cool Secret Place   Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose
10:33am The Egyptian   Main Theme
10:37am TV Mystery Theme   The Osbournes
10:37am Vangelis   Blade Runner
11:02am Psychotronix   Row Row Row
11:06am Janet Klein   Hollywood Party
11:08am Elmer Bernstein   Carpetbaggers
11:16am Henry Mancini   Son of Raunchy Touch of Evil
11:17am 13 Chairs   Hope for Best Expect the Worst Mel Brooks High Anxiety
11:19am Trailer   Another Day Another Man
11:21am Franz Waxman   Juke Box #6 Rear Window
11:26am Herb Alpert   Casino Royale
11:29am Randy Newman   Clef Club #1 Ragtime
11:31am Betty Boop   Is that the Human thing to do?
11:33am Peter Sellers   She Loves You
11:35am TV Theme   Adventures of Briscoe County Jr
11:39am Kurt Kuenne   You are Awesome! Validation
11:41am Hair - Serbian cast   Let the Sunshine In
11:44am TV Theme   Petticoat Junction
11:48am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Tusk
11:48am Trailer   Sweet Ecstasy
11:49am Aaron Copland   Simple Gifts
11:53am TV theme   Mommies
11:55am TV Theme   77 Sunset Strip
11:56am TV theme   Wanda Vision
11:57am TV theme   WGBH
11:57am TV theme   Simpsons sung by Green Day