Abacus Slim and Mickey Finch rebroadcast

Monday 13 May 2024 2:00am to 6:00am
Rebroadcast from Tuesday 15 May 2012 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:02am John Mayall   The Train Live in Europe London Records
2:02am Juhyo   We Are Not Winning Bacteria Cult / Juhyo / Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Debacle Records
2:16am Noam Chomsky   Social Policy: Welfare For.. Class War:The Attack on Work.. A K Press
2:22am Bourgeois Blues Band   Welfare Blues Watch Out Stonegarden Records
2:28am Nautical Almanac   Elysium Solarium Nautical Almanac / Vertonen Crippled Intellect Prods.
2:29am Nicholas Szczepanik   The Truth of Transience (Part I) Truth of Transience, The Isounderscore
2:35am Bo Carter   Banana in Your Fruit Basket Raunchy Business Legacy
2:38am Sete Star Sept   Eczem Sete Star Sept/ Generic Death Rage For All
2:40am Floyd Dixon   Pleasure Days Houston Jump Route 66
2:43am Boredoms   Fuanteidai Michidai Public Bath
2:47am Harmonica Frank Floyd   Mosquito Bar Britches Great Medical Menagerist, the Genes Compact Disc Co.
2:51am Gaye Bykers on Acid   World War 7 Blues Drill Your Own Hole Caroline Records, Inc.
2:55am Lloyd Glenn   Blues Hangover Honky Tonk Train Night Train
2:58am Borbetomagus   The Original Chirping Chiken S/T Butt Rag
2:58am The Spiritualaires of Hurtsboro, Alabama   Spiritualaires Radio Program Announcements Singing Songs of Praise Aum Fidelity
3:02am Turner, Big Joe & Roomful Of..   I Want a Little Girl Crawdad Hole Muse Records
3:06am The Kids of Widney High   Stand Up and Dance Special Music From Special Kids Rounder Records
3:12am Robert Pete Williams   Ugly Man Blues Rare Chicago Blues Bullseye Blues & Jazz
3:14am Blue Sabbath Black Cheer   Untitled Blue Sabbath Black Cheer/Dried Up Corpse Gnarled Forest Recordings
3:15am Lowell Fulson   Crying Blues My First Recordings Arhoolie Productions
3:18am Taj Mahal   Baby, You're My Destiny Music Fuh Ya' Warner Bros.
3:22am Joe Hill Louis   She May Be Yours (But She..) Sun Records Harmonic.. Rounder
3:26am Nels Cline & Thurston Moore   Blues for Helen Burns Pillow Wand Little Brother Records
3:41am Lightnin' Hopkins   Sail on Little Girl, Sail on Blues in My Bottle Prestige Records Inc.
3:45am Caroliner Rainbow   Follow the Mint Brute Cooking Stove Beast, the Subterranean
3:52am Blind Boy Fuller   Keep Away From My Woman East Coast Piedmont Style Columbia
3:55am Hair Police   Straps and Straps Crystal Fantasy/Hair P Liquid Death/Hello Pussy
4:01am Little Arthur Duncan   Singin' with the Sun Singin' with the Sun Delmark
4:08am Bill Orcutt   Solitary Habits A King Or Something Palilalia
4:12am Louisiana Red   Too Poor to Die Millennium Blues Earwig
4:20am David Peel   Hemp Hop Smoker Comin Down Fast Helter Skelter
4:21am Snooks Eaglin   High Society New Orleans Street Singer Smithsonian/Folkways
4:23am Lymphatic Phlegm   Swollen on Supperation and L Headcrash/Lymphatic Ph Bloodshed Records
4:24am Leadbelly   There's a Man Going Around.. Leadbelly Sings Folk Songs Smithsonian/Folkways
4:25am Gianni Gebbia   Daruma's Call Gebbia, Gianni / Miss Massive Snowflake Phonometak
4:27am Honeyboy Edwards   Hellatakin' Blues Delta Bluesman Earwig Music Co
4:28am Melt-Banana   Stop the Cook-Cu Test. Melt-Banana / Stilluppsteypa Something Weird
4:28am Walter Horton   Hobo Blues Fine Cuts Blind Pig Records
4:29am [coll]: Black Army Jacket/Heml   surrender to sensation Black Army Jacket/Heml Go Kart
4:31am Honeyboy Edwards   Just a Spoonful Delta Bluesman Earwig Music Co
4:32am Anal Cunt   You're Gay I Like It When You Die Earache Records
4:33am Red Nelson   Black Gal Stomp 1935 - 1938 Document Records
4:35am Dog   Our Souls Being Sucked Into Space Greetings From Moot Point, California Love Earth Music
4:38am Joe Houston   Troubles & Worries Cornbread & Cabbage Greens Specialty Records
4:39am I Spy   When We Grow Up Play At Your Own Risk - Vol. 2 Recess Records
4:41am Mem Shannon   $17.00 Brunette A Cabdriver's Blues Hannibal
4:42am pneumatic values   hero Pestilence Wiggy
4:43am Marvin & Johnny   Bye Bye My Baby S/T Specialty Records
4:44am U.Z.Z.U.   Bulgaria Bulgarian Archives 1985-1990 A.o.n.
4:46am Son Thomas   Monologue on Ghosts/Crawlin. Son Down on the Delta Flying High Records
4:48am Totsugeki Sensya   Reality Fudge/Totsugeki Sensya Six Two Five Thrashcore
4:50am Rudy Ray Moore   Baby That's Why I'm Your ... Hully Gully Fever Norton Records
4:52am Dental Work   Fever Zone Fruit of Lebanon Love Earth Music
4:53am Ron Thompson & the Resistors   Resister Twister Resister Twister Blind Pig Records
4:54am Deadfall   One Man's Dog (Is Another Man's God) Keep Teling Yourself It's Okay Tankcrimes
4:55am Etta Baker   Crow Jane One Dime Blues Rounder Records
4:57am Hagor   the shift of the galaxy Ascending Demonic Spirits Nutzz Recordzz, The
4:59am Peppermint Harris   Cadillac Funeral Blues From Dolphin's Specialty
5:01am Anticon   We Ain't Fessin' (double Quotes) Anticon/Deep Puddle D Anticon.
5:04am Tangle Eye   Hangman Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Zoe/Wiener Art Records
5:09am Hasil Adkins   You're My Baby He Said Big Beat Records
5:10am Immortal Lee County Killers,Th   Big Damn Roach Essential Fucked Up Blues, the Estrus Records
5:14am Fred Frith/Henry Kaiser   Special Rider Blues Who Needs Enemies? Metalanguage
5:18am Heatless Ark   Blues Helix 2 Blank Realm Not Not Fun
5:20am Daniel Johnston   Desperate Man Blues Hi How Are You Homestead
5:23am Elliott Sharp/Terraplane   L8R on (Later On) Do the Don't Zoar Records
5:29am D. Charles Speer   Lost Dervish Arghiledes Thrill Jockey Records
5:32am Violent Playground   Thrashin' Blues Thrashin' Blues Big Chief
5:33am Bassholes   Hell Blues Broke Chamber Music Secret Keeper
5:37am Jack Rose   Blessed Be Th Name O Th Lord Apocalyps. X. Eclipse Records
5:43am Reverend Gary Davis   Save Up Your Money, John D.. Slippin' 'til My Gal Comes In. Shanachie Entertainment
5:45am No Neck Blues Band   Raising The Low Road Dutch Money Seres
5:52am Jackie-O-Motherfucker   Kansas City Blues America Mystica Dirter Promotions