Monday 13 November 2000 10:00am to 2:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Eyedea & Abilities   Big Bass
Live Human   When Dinosaurs Walked... ______________________________
Live Human   Orange Bush Monkey Flower Orange Bush Monkey Flower
Live Human   Lost in the Woods ______________________________
Live Human   Percodan Orange Bush Monkey Flower
Dieter Reith   Love & Fantasy Love & Fantasy
Live Human   One Two Three Monostereosis
Live Human   Loopless... Elefish Jellyphant
Live Human   The E Pod Monostereosis
Live Human   Everything Becomes Jellyfish Elefish Jellyphant
Kid Koala   Start Hear Scratchappyland
Kid Koala   Dinner with Yoda Scratchappyland
Kid Koala   Statics Waltz (Lo-Fi Version Scratchappyland
Kid Koala   Tricks 'n' Treat Scratchappyland
Liquid Liquid   Bell Head Liquid Liquid
Liquid Liquid   Scraper Optimo
Liquid Liquid   Rubbermiro Liquid Liquid
Liquid Liquid   Out Optimo
Liquid Liquid   Groupmegroup Liquid Liquid
Liquid Liquid   Optimo Optimo
Liquid Liquid   New Walk Liquid Liquid
Liquid Liquid   Cavern Optimo
Liquid Liquid   Lub Dupe Liquid Liquid
The Heath Brothers   Smilin' Billy Suite Part 2 Marchin' On!
Quench   Neutron Dub 12
Dj Vadim   The Piano Song Your Revolution
Dieter Reith   Uschi Love & Fantasy
Fat Jon   Wet Secrets
Kryptic Krew   Jazzy Sensation (Inst.)
Push Button Objects   Striffle ______________________________
Push Button Objects   Twisted ______________________________
Push Button Objects   Fm Science ______________________________
Push Button Objects   The Hamocks ______________________________
Dj Shadow   Part 2 What Does Your Soul Look Like
Phonopsychograph   Thinking Room Sculpture Ancient Termites
The Magic Circle   20,000 Beats Under the Sea Magic Circle, the
Phonopsychograph   Exoskeleton Ancient Termites
Dieter Reith   Beams Love & Fantasy
Moosaka   Question Sparx Sound Thoughts
Moosaka   Wombat/ Taffy Sound Thoughts
Moosaka   So Hear My Love (Inst.) Sound Thoughts
Moosaka   I Seek '99 Sound Thoughts
Moosaka   Internal Affairs Sound Thoughts
Moosaka   Abduktzhun Sound Thoughts
Moosaka   One Day Sound Thoughts
Moosaka   Iz Anybody Out There? Sound Thoughts
Dj Sushi   Devastating Devastator Lost Dub Plates, the