Johnny Dollar

Sunday 18 January 2004 3:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Tape/Opera   Terraces ______________________________
Surface of Eceyon   Council Is Called Dragyyn
Subtle   The Teeth Behind the Wheel Summer
From Within   CD2 Silent Intelligence Pt.. [coll]: Ambient Cookbook Ii
Scanner   Red Bruise [coll]: Em:T 2000
Paolo Angeli   A Righe Bucatio
Aelters   Homrero Ardchilds' Com.Undo
Afflux   Bouquetot, Autoroute A13 Bouquetot/Paris/Port-Jerome
Armpit   Fishtank Butta Daze
Andalusia   Sunday Morning Around Three in the Morning
Aphex Twin   Phloam Classics
Broker/Dealer   Can't Believe Initial Public Offering
Woob   Void, Part One [coll]: EM:T0094
Biochemical Dread   Zanderix (Pt. 2) Bush Doctrine
Eric Cooke   Canterbury 112302-2 Live 2002
Steindor Andersen   Haustid Nalgast Rimur
International Peoples Gang   Aeroplane [coll]: Emit: Explorer
Braer Rabbit with Lord Nuneaton   Steam Soldier March, the [coll]: Xmas Project
Sakamoto Hiromichi Haco   Ash in the Rainbow Ash in the Rainbow
Lfo   Moistly Sheath
Charlemange Palestine   Negative Sound Study Negative Sound Study