Agent X

Monday 19 July 2004 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Garry Johnson   United [coll]: Carry on Oi
Jj Allstars   Dambusters March [coll]: Carry on Oi
The Cockney Rejects   I'm not a Fool Greatest Hits Vol. 1
The Toy Dolls   You Won't Be Merry on A... Idle Gossip
Angelic Upstarts   Never 'ad Nothin' We Gotta Get Outta this Place
Peter & the Test Tube Babies   Maniac Peter and the Testtube Babies
The Clash   Complete Control From Here to Eternity
Stiff Little Fingers   Johnny Was Inflammable Material
The Varukers   Your Dead
Resort   King of the Jungle [coll]: Carry on Oi
Blitz   Nation on Fire [coll]: Carry on Oi
Cock Sparrer   Rinning Riot Cock Sparrer
The Germs   Get a Grip Germicide
Criminal Class   Blood on the Streets [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
Red Alert   Spg [coll]: Carry on Oi
Infa Riot   We Outnumberyou [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
Anti-Pasti   Get Out Now Caution in the Wind
Saints   I'm Stranded [coll]: Burning Ambitions
Geza X and the Mommymen   We Need More Power You Goddamn Kids!
The Partisans   Arms Race [coll]: Carry on Oi
The   East End Kids [coll]: Carry on Oi
Sham 69   Angels with Dirty Faces [coll]: Burning Ambitions
Uk Subs   Stranglehold [coll]: Burning Ambitions
Fear Anthem   I Love Livin' in the City [coll]: Decline of the Western
Exploited   Dead Cities [coll]: Burning Ambitions
Vice Squad   Last Rockers [coll]: Burning Ambitions
The Damned   New Rose [coll]: Peel Sampler
Buzzcocks   What Do I Get [coll]: Peel Sampler
Slaughter and the Dogs   Where Have All the Boot Boys [coll]: Burning Ambitions
Billy Bragg   A New England [coll]: Peel Sampler
The Gonads   Tucker Ruckers [coll]: Carry on Oi
4 Skins   Evil [coll]: Carry on Oi
The Strike   Gang Warfare [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
Riot-Infa Riot   Riot [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
Generation X   Your Generation [coll]: Burning Ambitions
Vibrators   Baby Baby [coll]: Burning Ambitions
The Partisans   No U Turns [coll]: Carry on Oi
Blitz   Youth [coll]: Carry on Oi
The Choir   Walk on [coll]: Carry on Oi
The Vulvettes   Sunny Backyard This Is the Science...
Babelis Project   Angels Job.Devine Disintegra Electronic Music Trio Improv
Oliver Hacke   Lachel [coll]: Elektronische Musik
Mum   Weeping Rock, Rock Summer Make Good
Hypnotech 3   Arc-En-Ceil Prescription Electronics
Experimental Dental School   Taco Chakra Hideous Dance Attack
Les Georges Leningrad   Cocktail Vampire Deux Hot Dogs
Lisa Gerard/Patrick Cassidy   Paradise Lost Immortal Memory
Electro Group   Glistened Ummo
Emotional Joystick   Eight [coll]: Zod Sampler Vol. 2
!!!   Me and Giuliani Down By the Louden Up Now
The Beatles   A Day in the Life Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Clu
Cropknox   Systematic Fuck Just Can't Live...
The Electromagnetic   21ST Century Electromagnetic, the
The Narrator   We Call Police Youth City Fire
The Mentally Ill   Tumor Boy Gacy's Place: the Undiscovered
The Woggles   Jezebel Live! at the Star Bar
Mathieu, Stephan (Full Swing)   Edits Ort 05.1