Agent X

Saturday 11 September 2004 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Sham 69   Hersham Boys [coll]: Of Another Kind
The Lurkers   Out in the Dark [coll]: Of Another Kind
The Partisans   Power & the Greed Police Story
4-SKINS   Sorry [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
Cock Sparrer   Rinning Riot [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
The Partisans   17 Years of Hell Police Story
Last Resort,The   Working Class Kids [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
Criminal Class   Blood on the Streets [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
The Toydolls   She Goes to Fino's [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
Panic   Bereslecht [coll]: Raised on Punk Vol 1
Razors   Tommies Gang [coll]: Raised on Punk Vol 1
Cock Sparrer   Taken for a Ride [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
Infa Riot   We Out Number You [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
Yodler Killers   Jacot Masturbette [coll]: Raised on Punk Vol 1
Suspects   This Reality [coll]: Raised on Punk Vol 1
The   East End Kids [coll]: Carry on Oi
Peter & the Test Tube Babies   Trsns [coll]: Carry on Oi
Blitz   Nation on Fire [coll]: Carry on Oi
The Jam   Strange Town [coll]: Of Another Kind
4 Skins   Evil [coll]: Carry on Oi
The Business   Product [coll]: Carry on Oi
Red Alert   Spg [coll]: Carry on Oi
The Cure   Boys Don't Cry [coll]: Of Another Kind
The Adicts   Angel Twenty-Seven
Anti-Nowhere League   So What? [coll]: Screaming Fists
Users   Kicks in Style [coll]: Screaming Fists
The Gonads   Tucker Ruckers [coll]: Carry on Oi
Patrick Fitzgerald   All Sewn Up [coll]: Of Another Kind
Protex   I Can't Cope [coll]: Of Another Kind
Skinnies   I'm a Dullard [coll]: Screaming Fists
Skinnies   Out of Order [coll]: Screaming Fists
U-Jerks   U-Jerks Work for Police [coll]: Screaming Fists
D.O.A.   Kill Kill this Is Pop [coll]: Screaming Fists
U.S. Bombs   Go Back Home Garibaldi Guard
Attak   Young and Proud Zombies
4-SKINS   1984 [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
The Strike   Gang Warfare [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
Infa Riot   Riot [coll]: Strength Through Oi!
G.G. Allin & the Antiseen   Violence Now Murder Junkies
Shith   Tonight [coll]: Raised on Punk Vol 1
De Straks   Koningin [coll]: Raised on Punk Vol 1
The Rogers Sisters   The Secrets of Civilization Three Fingers
The Sirens   I've Got to Use My Imagin... S/T
Sharon Tandy & Fleur De Lys   Hold on [coll]: Rubble 8: All the Colo
Sultans   It Meant Nothing Shipwrecked
Simon Finn   Jerusalem Pass the Distance
Zoffy   Mysty Mountain Hop Thou Shalt not Mess with Zoffy
Workshop   Don't Giuve Up Yog Sothoth
Zu   Eli, Eli, Elu Igneo
Kt Der Junglinge   N N
Murcof   Urano Utopia
Bjorgulfsson/Pimmon/Thorsson   Untitled 7 Still Important Somekind......
Max Eastley & David Toop   Dust of Points Doll Creature
Trio X 3   Dw 1.2 Remix Freiburg 2.9-10 New Jazz Meeting Baden-Baden