24 Hour Drone

Friday, Mayhem 30 10:00pm — Sunday, June 1 12:00am

Friday Mayhem 30 10p to Sunday June 1 12a
Hosted by Nozmo King and The Norman Conquest

24 Hour Drone is a day long, continuously live performance with over forty musicians working in concert to create a seamless and unforgettable listening experience. Hosted by Nozmo King and The Norman Conquest.

Say the word drone, chances are most people will think you mean Unmanned Aerial Vehicles deployed by armed forces in far-flung places. But a drone can also be found in the sounds we hear. Without getting too technical, a drone is any sustained tone. Drone is also a style of music emphasizing timbre and is rhythmically still, or very slow, with minimal variation. It can be acoustic, electronic, or a combination of both. Take for example, , a composer whose single-focused music is an intense, immersive listening experience. This is what we mean when we say drone.

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