Commanding Attention

Wednesday, Mayhem 5 3:00pm — 3:00pm

Wednesday Mayhem 5 10AM-2PM
Hosted By Max Level
The Command Records label was started in 1959 by producer Enoch Light, who pioneered many revolutionary techniques in arranging, recording, and mixing. Branding itself as The World Leaders in Recorded Sound, the Command label aligned itself with the increasingly popular stereo hi-fi listening systems of the day. Their records were aimed primarily at audiophiles but were also a big hit with the general public, who enjoyed hearing familiar pop tunes presented in this new, modern setting. Some of the artists with numerous releases on the label: pianist Dick Hyman, guitarist Tony Mottola, trumpeter Doc Severinsen, and Enoch Light's own Light Brigade. No less noteworthy were the bold, colorful graphic designs on Command's album covers, many of which were created by noted visual artist Josef Albers.