Female Takeover - Bully Demise and Billie Joe Tolliver rebroadcasts

Tuesday, March 7 2:00am — 6:00am

Hosted by Bully Demise and Billie Joe Tolliver
In celebration of "International Women's Day," the women of KFJC take over the airwaves, playing female artists only on March 7 and March 8. From 2am to 4am, tune in to hear Bully Demise's special focusing on female soul and funk artists (from KFJC's first "Female Takeover" in November, 2021 - see playlist). And then from 4am to 6am, it's Billie Joe Tolliver's "Women of Spoken Word" special from Mayhem, 2015 (see playlist). In these hours she explores the female voice in the medium of spoken word and recorded poetry. Work from unknown and not commonly played artists from the KFJC library will be featured.