Originations- Hawaiian Music Special

Monday, Mayhem 15 6:00am — 10:00am

Hosted by Bump Analog
KFJC rebroadcasts a special that originally aired on Mayhem 24, 2008.
Originations will be a showcase of music originating from the motherland, Hawai'i. I will play SlackKey, or Kihoalu music, give background information on where that originates from. Focusing on greats like Gabby Pahinui, George Kahumoku, Ceril Pahinui, Dennis Kamakahi and others. Also, expose ukulele impresarios like Herb Ohta (sampled by rappers), Jake Shimabukuro and others. I can't forget about Hawaiian contemporary music. 70's folkrocky bands Kalapana and C and K. Even Yvonne Eliman. Hawaiian music also has great singers like Dennis Pavao, Brothers Cazimero and Israel Kamakawiwaole, aka Bruddah IZ. If I could get an interview with a particular musician as well, the show would be epic for me. But if not, I get plenty music for listen to, no? I can't forget the talent that is out there now. From the rootsy Ooklah the Moc and Humble Soul, to Island Reggae acts like Natural Vibrations and others, the islands are packed with talent that also deserves some mainland respect. I will refrain from playing cheesy lame pseudo-island music, like say the Hawai'I 5-0 theme, but will play a lot of the unheard classics. With nice segueing beds, and a laid back tropical demeanor, this show will transport people, including myself. All Pau. (see playlist).