Pow Magazine Anthology

Wednesday, Mayhem 17 6:00am — 10:00am

Hosted by SAL 9000 & Dennis Gonzales
KFJC rebroadcasts a special that originally aired on Mayhem 10, 2011.
Pow! was a 1980s amateur zine that covered the local college radio and independent music scene of San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland, California. , self-produced by Dennis Gonzales for three years, was distributed by vinyl record stores throughout California. The magazine was comprised of musicians, artists and other cool people interviewing bands, club owners and other cites through out the country. Before the boom of the dotcoms, amateur zines were the only form of information that helped spread the word of independent record companies and dug deep into the music scene and college radio. This unique show will highlight vintage, new and recorded music from the college bands of the era such as Flying Color, Flaming Lips, The Catheads, YO, Morlocks, Camper van Beethoven, Social Club, Ramones, The Endmen, Game Theory, The Smithereens and more. (see playlist).