Cardiacs: Kiss the Big Ugly Shark

Tuesday, Mayhem 23 6:00am — 10:00am

Hosted by Austin Space and Moe! Staiano
KFJC rebroadcasts a special that originally aired on Mayhem 5, 2011.
If Frank Zappa's 1988 ensemble was proclaimed as the "best band you've never heard of", then England's Cardiacs have an entire career of adventerous, edgy, complex music that most of us have never heard of. Formed in 1977 up to 2008 (before leader Tim Smith was knocked ill due to a stroke), Cardiacs have had their own style of music flavourings marrying punk and prog (later coined as 'pronk') together. Cardiacs' music is noted for balancing the attack and 'raw energy' of punk rock with the intricacies and technical cleverness of early British progressive rock. The band also incorporates elements of other musical forms such as ska, mediaeval music, folk music, heavy metal, hymns and corporate anthems. One such comment from one English magazine stated "one Cardiacs song contains more ideas than most other musicians' entire careers." Cardiacs: Kiss the Big Ugly Shark will focus on their entire recorded career and will give a good, lengthy introduction to those tuning in of the real best band you've never heard. (see playlist).