The Mobius Strip

with Ras Babo, Tue 10pm to 2am

The Mobius Strip is a single-sided three-dimensional figure, also used to to represent infinity. The show is a melting pot of styles but with a definite bend towards different beats: reggae, dub, hip-hop, drum and bass, techno, jazz, afro-beat. Stuff you can bob your head and shake your booty to. But as the strip returns and folds in on itself, so too will the musical stylings of this show. Venturing into the far corners of the KFJC library, I will always try to twist and fold the listeners mind. Which side is the flip side? It is all the B-side. From now until forever.

Last ten playlists:

Tuesday February 20 2024, 10:00pm

Tuesday February 6 2024, 10:00pm

Tuesday January 30 2024, 10:00pm

Sunday January 28 2024, 12:00am

Saturday January 27 2024, 12:00am

Tuesday January 23 2024, 10:00pm

Tuesday January 16 2024, 10:00pm

Tuesday January 9 2024, 10:00pm

Tuesday January 2 2024, 10:00pm

Tuesday December 26 2023, 10:02pm