Training at KFJC

Why not join us?

KFJC is more than a radio station - it's a learning institution. Our primary function is to teach the art of radio to students of all musical tastes and skills. Whether it's learning to be a DJ, going though our public affairs department, our engineering ranks - in fact, KFJC operates through a total of ten different departments, each with its own skill set and all needed to run a radio station.

Entry-Level Orientation

The way to start the process of working in front of or behind a microphone is to attend the KFJC Radio Station class, which runs every quarter on Wednesday evenings. New staff members will be required to go through our Entry-Level Orientation to basic station procedures and functions.

After orientation, potential DJs are placed into a formal training program which varies by individual, but typically includes one-on-one training with an on-air DJ, followed by graveyard (2am to 6am) shifts.


Registration is now open for the Winter 2019 training class, which starts on Wednesday 9th January 2019 at 7:30pm.

Please register for the Radio Station KFJC Membership - Entry Level class, then go to room 6708 on the Foothill College main campus by 7:30pm that evening, or go to the KFJC lobby, building 6200, and ask one of us for directions.

If you drive, please don't forget to buy a parking permit ($3) from one of the machines in the lot where you park!

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