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The Box at the Back of the Attic

Thursday April 9 at 10PM-11PM
Join Naysayer for "The Box At the Back of the Attic." Paw through the eclectic box of stuff upstairs with a slate of special guest DJs who are artists and makers in their own right, sharing their dusty and shiny favorite songs and what's been on their minds. This week's guest: Gino Robair - composer, improvisor, drummer, percussionist, analog synthesizer player and in charge of Rastascan Records.

Rebroadcast - Theme & Variations Part 1 - Bach's Goldberg Variations

Saturday April 11 at 6PM-8PM
KFJC rebroadcasts a special from Mayhem 2, 2015 (see playlist) hosted by Cousin Mary. Featured will be Glenn Gould's groundbreaking 1955 and 1981 recordings of Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variations for piano.

Rebroadcast - Nat Hentoff, Jazz, and the First Amendment

Friday April 17 at 10AM-2PM
KFJC rebroadcasts a special from Mayhem 19, 2017 (see playlist) hosted by Cousin Mary. For many years, Nat Hentoff wrote columns and articles about jazz and contributed liner notes to many jazz albums. His death at the age of 91 in January of 2017 motivated us to examine his body of work, including his fiery support of the First Amendment and journalism.

UK Jazz: The Next Generation

Friday Mayhem 1 10AM-2PM
Hosted By Ann Arbor and Rocky Rococo
There are exciting new developments in UK Jazz these days: a blending of musical styles from many kinds of music, new instruments, more woman musicians, resulting in a vibrance that is refreshing as well as interesting. We will introduce you to the key players and their music.

1989, The Year that Rocked!

Friday Mayhem 1 2PM-6PM
Hosted By DJB
The year was 1989, and it was a rocker of a year! Tiananmen Square in Beijing was rocked by a pro-democracy, student-led demonstration that lasted three months. Game 3 of the Battle of the Bay World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A's was rocked by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake. Communism was rocked and rolled, starting with the Soviets leaving Afghanistan, communist regimes deposed in Romania and Czechoslovakia and capping it off with the Berlin Wall being rocked to the ground. It was a helluva year and a wild end to the 80s. With all this craziness, there was also the music that rocked the year. All the heaviest, hardest hitting metal released in 1989 will be played.

Sublime Residuals

Friday Mayhem 1 10PM-2AM
Hosted By Goodwrench
Last year's 2-part special feature on Japan's Sublime Records touched on many of Japan's important electronic producers, but some slipped through the cracks. This time I aim to fix that...


Saturday Mayhem 2 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street
Circle is a Finnish experimental rock band formed in Pori in 1991. Their eclectic, ever-changing style has been associated with genres such as krautrock, heavy metal, progressive rock and ambient. On some albums they have defined themselves as the New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal. Circle members have participated in a great number of side projects and split-offs, including stoner rock spin-off Pharaoh Overlord. Join me as we listen to Circle this week and Pharaoh Overlord next week.

Joshua Kit Clayton Live Mic

Saturday Mayhem 2 at 4:56PM
Join Joshua Kit Clayton as they dip a soft appendage into the Lake Of Cocytus on Mayhem the 2nd at 4:56 PM. Down by water's edge with Teachers AIDS and Hemroid The Leader.

Beethoven is 250!

Saturday Mayhem 2 6PM-8PM
Hosted By Cousin Mary
Part 1 of the Exploration of the music of Ludwig van Beethoven in the 250th anniversary of his birth year. Many seldom heard works with a few warhorses thrown in.

Doin It To Death 24 Hours of James Brown

Sunday Mayhem 3 Midnight to Midnight
Hosted By Spliff Skankin and the JB Enthusiasts of KFJC
Playing all things James Brown

Karl Berger

Friday Mayhem 8 10AM-2PM
Hosted By Goodwrench
Jazz pianist and vibraphonist Karl Berger has had a varied career as both a side man and band leader. Join me for a altogether too-brief romp through his extensive discography.

Sound Objects

Friday Mayhem 8 2PM- 6PM
Hosted By Max Level
A look at the work of Bay Area artist Bryan Day. Improviser, collaborator, educator, world traveler, and the inventor and builder of unprecedented instruments such as the Metric Tapewarp, Dragachord, and Sheetshaker, among many others. He also runs not one but two record labels and is a visual artist as well. Bryan will be our guest in the KFJC studio for four hours of conversation about his unusual projects, his label releases, and live performance of some type.

An Injection of Ampoule

Friday Mayhem 8 10PM-2AM
Hosted By Goodwrench
Scotland - based Ampoule Records is the home for some interesting artists in the realm of IDM and ambient electronic music. Tune in and get schooled...

Pharaoh Overlord

Saturday Mayhem 9 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street
Pharaoh Overlord is an experimental rock-music band, featuring three members of the Finnish group Circle, Jussi Lehtisalo, Janne Westerlund and Tomi Leppanen. Originally begun as a vehicle to indulge their love of stoner rock, Pharaoh Overlord's output has become more varied, mirroring the development of their sister group.

Beethoven is 250!

Saturday Mayhem 9 6PM-8PM
Hosted By Cousin Mary
Part 2 of the Exploration of the music of Ludwig van Beethoven in the 250th anniversary of his birth year. Many seldom heard works with a few warhorses thrown in.

David Lindley Through the Kaleidoscope

Thursday Mayhem 14 2PM-6PM
Hosted By Lucky Jae
This special will examine the impact David Lindley has had on the west coast music scene as well as nationally and internationally by focusing segments on his folky beginnings, his studio work, the bands he has led and his work as a multi-instrumentalist and early proponent of what has come to be known as World Music.

Tribute to McCoy Tyner

Friday Mayhem 15 10AM-2PM
Hosted By Cousin Mary
Four hours devoted to the recordings of jazz pianist McCoy Tyner. Will include solo work and his seminal recordings with John Coltrane.

The Flenser: The First Decade

Friday Mayhem 15 2PM-6PM
Hosted By Atavist
This four-hour program explores KFJC's collection of releases from The Flenser, supplemented by a couple pieces from my own collection. Over the past decade, The Flenser has emerged as an eclectic home for a diverse group of artists engaged in dark sounds that defy easy categorization. The label releases records that have a common undercurrent of darkness and ethereality, while spanning genres from cold electronics to avant garde, black metal and other strange territories.

Skull Disco

Friday Mayhem 15 10PM-2AM
Hosted By Goodwrench
UK-based Skull Disco consistently mined the dark and spooky side of Dubstep, owing a lot to Bryn Jones' Muslimgauze project. Tune in for a hair-raising four hours.

Autumn Records

Saturday Mayhem 16 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street
Underground radio pioneer Big Daddy Tom Donahue (KMPX & KSAN) founded Autumn Records in the mid-1960s. Autumn Records laid the foundation for the 1960s San Francisco rock scene before bands like the Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and Big Brother & the Holding Company made the San Francisco Sound famous. The Great Society, The Beau Brummels, Bobby Freeman, Sly Stone, The Tikis, The Vejtables and more were all part of Autumn Records.

A Tribute to Sun Ra

Thursday Mayhem 21 10PM - Saturday Mayhem 23 2am
Hosted By Spliff Skankin and the Intergalactic Explorers of KFJC
Travel to the farthest reaches of the universe with Sun Ra

Bela Fleck

Saturday Mayhem 23 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street
Bela Fleck has virtually reinvented the image and the sound of the banjo through a remarkable performing and recording career that has taken him all over the musical map. We will listen to Bela play classical music with the Colorado Symphony, jazz with Chick Corea, ragas with Jie-Bing Chen & V.M. Bhatt and experimental stretching of the banjo with his band The Flectones.

Tudorfest -The Art of David Tudor

Thursday Mayhem 28 2PM-6PM
Hosted By Devlyn and Dirigent
Join Devlyn and electronic musician Dirigent for an exploration of the music of David Tudor beginning with his early work as a virtuoso pianist and interpreter of experimental music and continuing with his unique electronic compositions using resonating structures, spaces and feedback. The program will conclude with a live mix of Cage's Mureau and Tudor's Rainforest II.

Carl Craig and the Art of the Remix

Friday Mayhem 29 10PM-2AM
Hosted By Goodwrench
Carl Craig is one of Detroit techno's overachievers, and runs the excellent Planet E imprint. He is also much in demand as a remixer, working his magic on tunes from a variety of genres, from electronic to pop to jazz, and even reggae. Eight hours is just enough for an introduction to his remix work.

Carl Craig and the Art of the Remix - Part 2

Friday June 5 10PM-2AM
Hosted By Goodwrench
Carl Craig is one of Detroit techno's overachievers, and runs the excellent Planet E imprint. He is also much in demand as a remixer,working his magic on tunes from a variety of genres, from electronic to pop to jazz, and even reggae. Eight hours is just enough for an introduction to his remix work.

KFJC Vinylthon

Thursday June 18 to Thursday July 2
Vinylthon 2020 is shifting its celebration and will hopefully take place on June 20th (to align with Record Store Day) at college radio stations across the country. Once again, KFJC can't be contained to just one day. Topping our week-long vinyl marathon in 2019, we will spin records for two weeks straight in June-July, 2020.

(A)Typical Girls: 70s/80s Punk & Post-Punk Women

Tuesday June 23 at 7-10PM
As part of KFJC's Vinylthon, Cynthia Lombard will be joined by record collector Pete Gowdy (aka DJ Chas Gaudi) for an all-vinyl special devoted to punk, post-punk, power pop, paisley underground, two-tone, indie, and C86 music by women circa 1976-1986.

Music from Africa - the All Vinyl Edition

Wednesday June 24 at 6-10AM
Ann Arbor will do an all-vinyl special playing music from all over Africa as part of KFJC's Vinylthon.

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