Specials & Events

Wednesday, Mayhem 1 2:00pm

It's the Month of Mayhem! A full month of special programming, click here for the schedule.

Wednesday, Mayhem 22 12:00am — Thursday, Mayhem 23 12:00am

Hosted By Spliff Skankin and Others
Celebrating Sun Ra's 109th birthday with a 24-hour round-the- clock party of experimental music, psychedelic poetry, cosmic philosophy, and Afro-futuristic space jamming.

Thursday, Mayhem 23 6:00pm — 10:00pm

KFJC presents FTR#’s 838, 839, 840, 841. The interviews with Peter Levenda cover the powerful Nazi Fifth Column in the U.S. in the run-up to World War II, the origins of jihadism as a Western tool during the First World War and Peter’s harrowing experience at Colonia Dignidad—a U.S. Nazi out post in Allende’s Chile.

Hosted by Dave Emory

Friday, Mayhem 24 6:00pm — 10:00pm

KFJC presents FTR#’s 842, 843, 844, 845. These interviews cover Ukrainian collaboration with American fascists in an attempt to assassinate FDR, the Nazi diaspora in the aftermath of World War II and its roots in U.S. national security collaboration with Hitler’s henchmen, the Vatican’s complicity with Nazism.

Hosted by Dave Emory

Friday, Mayhem 24 10:00pm — Saturday, Mayhem 25 2:00am

It's been 27 years since I last dealt with the output of multifaceted DJ and electronic producer Luke Slater. This segment will deal with his post-2000 output on Berlin-based Ostgut Ton and his own Mote Evolver label. 

Hosted by Mr. Goodwrench

Saturday, Mayhem 25 6:00am — 9:00am

KFJC enters the wormhole and embarks on an interdimensional journey of time
and space. Tune in as he contorts, teases, twists, blends,
grinds, muddles and mixes the sounds of the KFJC library for the month of
Mayhem. Will we make it back? When are we? Tune in to find out.

Hosted by Palimpsest

Saturday, Mayhem 25 3:00pm — 6:00pm

Hard rock and heavy metal history from the 1970’s to today: The origins of what began as hard rock and acid rock then became heavy metal, NWOBHM, doom metal, black metal, speed metal, thrash and finally death metal. Metal Mayhem will emphasize the era that spawned a multi subgenre labyrinthine web of music that is going strong today in every part of human culture around the world, then and now, the underappreciated and overlooked, rare and obscure as well as hybrids that divide, conquer and rule over the cosmos.

Hosted by Teachers AIDS

Saturday, Mayhem 25 6:00pm — 9:00pm

KFJC presents FTR#’s 846, 847, 864. The interviews with Peter Levenda highlight how Trump’s anti-immigrant ideology stems from a Nazi dynamic, as well as the cover-up of Adolf Hitler’s escape after World War II.

Hosted by Dave Emory

Sunday, Mayhem 26 12:00pm — 3:00pm

Sir Cumference continues his annual look at specific instruments in songs. This time he looks at some of the places a flute has been inserted.

Sunday, Mayhem 26 7:00pm — 10:00pm

KFJC presents FTR#’s 865, 914, 915. These interviews with Peter Levenda and Gerrard Williams detail Hitler’s escape after World War II, and the complicity of the Vatican, Allen Dulles and elements of Western intelligence with the escape.

Hosted by Dave Emory

Monday, Mayhem 27 6:00pm — 10:00pm

KFJC presents FTR#'s 602, 481, 428, 689. These programs cover the 1934 “Businessmen’s Plot” to overthrow FDR in 1934, the Bush family’s longstanding collaboration with the Third Reich, as well as Japan’s looting of Asia via the Golden Lily program and the decisive role of the looted wealth in covert operations during the Cold War.

Hosted by Dave Emory

Tuesday, Mayhem 28 2:00pm — 6:00pm

Witnessed through Anthony Braxton's over 400 compositions, he has explored the intersection between composition and the musician's contribution...improvisation. Traveling between years, to explore a selection of Braxton's recorded catalog, provides a listen to this process.   Braxton's music at times resists classification.  Is it jazz or modern classical? 

Hosted by Oly Gark

    Live Cam

Tuesday, Mayhem 28 10:00pm — Wednesday, Mayhem 29 2:00am

From what started as a joke, Ras Babo continues the yearly tradition of the Kaleidoscope of Colored Vinyl . Four hours of multi-colored platters spinning and being 'live cammed' on KFJC.org.
Vote for your favorites. All colors and all musical styles are on display. Find out if colored vinyl really does sound better.


Wednesday, Mayhem 29 10:00am — 2:00pm

Before Nick Talbot’s untimely death in 2014 at the age of 37, he released five albums as Gravenhurst that straddled the line between folk, psych rock and noisier sounds. Tune in for a deep dive into his musical output, as well as a few gems from the catalog of one of his major influences, fellow Bristolians Flying Saucer Attack.

Hosted by Preston Peace

Wednesday, June 5 10:00am — 2:00pm

Here we’ll include musicians and music from Bristol that for whatever reason weren’t included in the rest of the series.

Hosted by Ann Arbor