Specials & Events

Heavy Stench vs Heck Dorlan Live Mic

Saturday March 30 at 3:33PM
KFJC presents the beat down of the year! Up and coming heavy weights, Heck Dorlan and Heavy Stench, go head to head in a battle of the punks! A power violence/hardcore punk show down to end all show downs! Special guest referees/color commentators will be Teachers AIDS and Honey Bear! There will be blood!

Tribute to Dick Dale

Saturday March 30 at 7pm-9pm
Tribute to Dick Dale - a remembrance of the "King of Surf Guitar" featuring his recordings and renditions of his songs by other bands. Hosted by Cousin Mary

Psychotronix Film Festival

Saturday March 30 from 7 to 11pm @ Room 5015, Foothill College campus.
It's the Psychotronix Film Festival: Weird and wild films including short subjects, ancient TV commercials, and much more. $5 donation at the door; bring $3 for parking. Fun for the whole family!

John St. Pelvyn and Paul Metzger Live Mic

Monday April 22 at 8PM
John St. Pelvyn and Paul Metzger co-opt the Pit for strings improvisational, hollow body electric and banjo variations. A solo set by each. Hosted by Phil Phactor.

Word Jazz and Then Some: A Tribute to Ken Nordine

Wednesday Mayhem 1 6AM-10AM
Hosted By Ann Arbor
Ken Nordine died in February of this year at the age of 98. It is only fitting that we pay tribute to the work of our fellow radio broadcaster, voice over artist, and performer.

Doing It To Death

Thursday Mayhem 2 at 10PM - Sat May 4 at 2 am
Spliff Skankin, JC Clone, Danny Detroit, John Hell, and other KFJC Soul Patrol Enthusiasts

KFJC's annual birthday tribute to the Godfather of Soul. A round the clock 28 hour celebration of all things James Brown: his music, movies, tours, bands, dancing, and style. Log on to KFJC.org for the dance contest, fashion show, and hairstyle competition.

Delerium Records: The Last Daze of the Underground

Saturday Mayhem 4 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street

Delerium Records was a British independent record label that specialized in psychedelic music. It existed from 1991 to 2003 and was notable in promoting the careers of bands including Porcupine Tree, Ozric Tentacles, Kava Kava, Mandragora, Sons of Selina and Moom. Join us as we perform an autopsy on Delerium and listen to those artists and many more. This music is not recommended for normal people.

What If You Knew Her?: The Kent State Massacre - 49th Anniversary

Saturday Mayhem 4 6PM-9PM
Hosted By Mitch LeMay and Buddy Love

On a Monday, May 4th, 1970, at an on-campus noontime rally, The Ohio National Guard, equipped with lethal M-1 military rifles, fired a 13-second fusillade into a group of unarmed students, killing 4 and wounding 9. The shooting, which shocked the nation, many consider a public perception turning point regarding the Vietnam War, and has become a symbol of the deep social and political divides of the era, which continue today. Tune in to commemorate the 49th anniversary of the Kent State massacre, featuring music reflecting the time, as well as contextual archived audio.

Caedmon: A Fourth Dimension for the Printed Page

Sunday Mayhem 5 at 7-10PM
Hosted by Mickey Slim
An all vinyl journey into the record label that pioneered spoken word audio, and was the predecessor to modern audiobooks. Founded in NYC in 1952 by Barbara Holdridge and Marianne Roney, Caedmon drastically changed how people consume literature. Hear from the likes of Dylan Thomas, Pablo Neruda, e.e. cummings, Kurt Vonnegut, and many more.

Balkan Arts 101

Tuesday Mayhem 7 6PM-7PM
Hosted By Sal 9000

Martin Koenig founded the Balkan Arts Center in New York City in 1966 and the Balkan Arts label. The work of Balkan Arts is a result of hundreds of hours of audio recordings, research, audio and video tapes. Not only did Martin research extensively, he also took hauntingly beautiful photographs and films throughout the Balkans and East Europe between 1966 and 1987.

KFJC at 60: Hades Ham Journal

Tuesday Mayhem 7 at 7-10PM
Hosted by Cynthia Lombard and Nora Maki

During KFJC's 60th anniversary year, we are flashing back to programming from the past, including the surreal radio serial "Hades Ham Journal" from the 1990s. Writer and producer Nora Maki joins Cynthia Lombard to reminisce about the show, air a selection of vintage episodes, and perhaps share a new installment.

High Holy Hours of the Smoke Covenant

Wednesday Mayhem 8 2PM-6PM
Hosted By Monotone Heroine

Four hours of metal influenced by the sweet leaf. Playing only the finest stoner metal, this special will make use of all those sticky sweet, slow tracks that grind your soul while you light up. Follow the smoke to the riff filled land while you drop out of life with bong in hand.

Musik Aus Strom

Friday Mayhem 10 at 10PM -
Hosted by Goodwrench

Musik Aus Strom was an electronic label formed by Michael Fakesch of Funkstorung, mining the eclectic side of electronic music.

Black Bombaim

Saturday Mayhem 11 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street

Black Bombaim are a fuzzed out stoner psychedelic/space rock band from Barcelos, Portugal. Ricardo Miranda (guitar), Tojo Rodrigues (bass) & drummer Paulo Goncalves grew up together and are Black Bombaim. They are one of those well-kept secrets that the rest of the world just seems to be catching on to. Put on your tin foil hats, adjust the antenna and tune in.

Cowboy Songs

Saturday Mayhem 11 6PM-8PM
Hosted By Cousin Mary

Songs by and about cowboys or the guys who played them in the movies.

Foray into Funk

Sunday Mayhem 12 12AM-3AM
Hosted By Kimbrosia

An exploration of the genre of funk music, starting with its historical roots as a reaction to the establishment; on to a wide sampling of different types of funk varieties; and ending with a look at both the current and local funk music scenes.

The Percussion Pit

Monday Mayhem 13 2PM-6PM
Hosted By Max Level
Unscripted percussion adventures. Live sets by percussion artists in the KFJC Pit, collaborations, improvisations, relevant recordings, conversations with the artists, and who knows what else will develop. We will enjoy a visit by internationally-acclaimed percussion master Tatsuya Nakatani, who will treat us to one of his incomparable live sets. Join us as we listen to the sounds of objects being tapped, rubbed, bowed, shaken, pounded...

Ladies on 78s

Tuesday Mayhem 14 7PM-10PM
Hosted By Cynthia Lombard
Cynthia Lombard is joined by record collector Pete Gowdy (AKA DJ Chas Gaudi) for an exploration of 78rpm records featuring female artists. Production of 78rpm records trailed off by the late 1950s, so this special will focus on material that predates 1960, across a range of genres, including R&B, post-war blues, early rock 'n roll, country, bebop, and early jazz.

Everywhere At The End Of Time

Wednesday Mayhem 15 at 7-10PM
Hosted by Lexi Glass

Twenty years ago, British electronic artist James Kirby began creating works under the name The Caretaker. In his works under this name, Kirby shapes fragments of music from found antique 78s into rich pieces that evoke the beauty and sadness of a distant memory. This year, The Caretaker project comes to a close, and for his final act, Kirby presents "Everywhere At The End Of Time," a series of six albums, one released every six months, starting with the first release in September of 2016. Each album represents a stage in the progression of early onset dementia, and together, the works are a sonic portrait of The Caretaker's experience of the disease as it advances "towards the abyss of complete memory loss and nothingness." The sixth and final stage, a study of "extreme entanglements, repetition and rupture," was released in March 2019. In this Mayhem special, we will hear selections from each of the stages, including the recently released finale.

KFJC at 60: Understanding Libido with Ronnie Libido

Thursday Mayhem 16 10AM-2PM
Hosted By Hemroid The Leader

In his neat and steady hand, Ronnie Libido reviewed many early CDs in KFJC's International library, short one- or two- sentence affairs in ballpoint pen. In these days of meticulously-researched expansive 6-pt. Mini-epics, these yellowing reviews belong to another universe entirely. When I see them, I try to imagine what it was like. In Understanding Libido, we'll talk with Ronnie to find out how the station was, how he related to the music, about the cranky equipment and even crankier characters from the KFJC of Yore.

It's Sublime - Part 1

Friday Mayhem 17 10PM-2AM
Hosted By Goodwrench

Sublime was formed in 1994 by DJ Yama, featuring the cream of Japanese electronic producers, plus a couple of ringers from the USA. Part two showcases the output of the label after 2000.

The Web of King Crimson

Saturday Mayhem 18 2AM-6AM
Hosted By Atavist

Members of prog-rock standard bearers King Crimson have collaborated with a wide range of influential musicians over the years. For four hours we'll listen to this web and trace the connections across many projects.

Trad Gras Och Stenar

Saturday Mayhem 18 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street

Trad Gras Och Stenar ("Trees, Grass and Stones") is a Swedish rock band formed in 1969 from previous incarnations Parson Sound, International Harvester and Harvester. The group was one of the premier acts of the Swedish prog scene. Their sound has been described as a raw psych rock jam. The band encourages their audiences to improvise and collaborate. In 2017 they headlined the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia.

Battle of the Surf Bands #8

Saturday Mayhem 18 at 6-10PM
Hosted by Cousin Mary

Join us at The Art Boutiki (44 Race Street, San Jose, CA) for a reverb filled evening with short sets from a variety of fine surf bands including Frankie & the Pool Boys, Reverbivores, Reefriders, Young Barons, Aloha Screwdriver, Gillbillies, GnarlyMen, Del Novas, Pyronauts, New Shockwaves, Drifting Sand and Uncle Sea Monster!

WU-hem: A Wu-Tang Mayhem Special, Volume 3

Thursday Mayhem 19 Midnight- 3 :00 AM
Hosted By Herb Rockwell

The third and final installment of the Wu-Hem Mayhem specials. To showcase the many styes of the Wu-Tang Clan and its affiliates. Play group projects and Wu-member solo albums alongside releases from Wu-Sub groups and friends. Showcase tracks by artist who have collaborated, been inspired by, or inspired the Wu-Tang Clan.

Women of Jah's Music

Sunday Mayhem 19 3PM-7PM
Hosted By Kimbrosia

Reggae music has long been dominated by men, yet from it's very beginnings women have played a pivotal role. This special looks at the women of reggae music, ranging all over from big names to the virtually unknown, hitting many favorites along the way. Special attention will be paid to the empowering effect of reggae music to uplift and transform lives, highlighting Cherine Anderson and her rise from poverty to international stardom and humanitarian works, all through reggae.

Jet Cassette Radio

Sunday Mayhem 19 at 7-10PM
Hosted by Mickey Slim

A non-in-depth journey into KFJCs cassette library. Discussions about the mediums most recent surge in popularity and DJs own personal beliefs regarding the cassettes practicality and use.

Planet Bass

Monday Mayhem 20 2PM-6PM
Hosted By Max Level
Long-form improvisations featuring a number of notable local bassists playing live in the Pit in various combinations. It's all about the low end. Get ready to rumble.

Crawl live in the pit

Monday Mayhem 20 10PM-2AM
Hosted By Teachers AIDS

Crawl performs live in the pit. Bones, drums and bass enigma Crawl return to the pit to drag you back into your cell for another lesson in futile escape from this tortured existence for four hours of doom in the cave of evil. Hosted by Teachers AIDS

Women's Works

Tuesday Mayhem 21 2PM-6PM
Hosted By Cousin Mary

Female composers of classical music are relatively few in number but are well worth searching out. Tune in to hear women's works for voice, chamber ensembles, and orchestras.

KFJC at 60: Bad TV Theatre

Tuesday Mayhem 21 at 7-10PM
Hosted by Cynthia Lombard and J.C. Clone

During KFJC's 60th anniversary year, we are flashing back to programming from the past, including "Bad Television Playhouse Theatre" from the early 1990s. Radio dramas were a staple of the medium for decades before the emergence of television. Over the years at KFJC several attempts have made to bring back the genre. "Bad Television Playhouse Theatre" was a mashup of radio drama and sappy, mostly '70s, television dramas. KFJC listeners were able to hear new versions created especially for radio of their favorite hideous TV shows like The Love Boat, Hawaii 5-0, BJ & the Bear and Quincy M.E. Cynthia Lombard is your host as "Bad TV Theatre" writer and producer J.C. Clone visits to discuss the story behind the story. J.C. will talk about how the show was created and play clips from some of the most memorable moments of the series and rebroadcast one of the original performances in its entirety.

A Night and Day of the Sun

Tuesday Mayhem 21 at 10PM - Thurs Mayhem 23 at 2:00 am
Hosted by Spliff Skankin, Morris Minor, Dada Diogenes, and other KFJC Jazz Collectivists

Celebrating Sun Ra's 105th birthday with a 28 hour round the clock party of experimental music, psychedelic poetry, cosmic philosophy, and Afro- futuristic space jamming.

Nessa Records and The Art Ensemble

Friday Mayhem 24 10PM-2AM
Hosted By Goodwrench

Nessa Records was formed in 1967 by Chuck Nessa and was instrumental in documenting the early years of the Art Ensemble of Chicago. This special focuses on early Nessa releases featuring the embryonic Art Ensemble..

It's Sublime - Part 2

Friday Mayhem 24 10PM-2AM
Hosted By Goodwrench

Sublime was formed in 1994 by DJ Yama, featuring the cream of Japanese electronic producers, plus a couple of ringers from the USA. Part two showcases the output of the label after 2000.

Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers Part Deux

Saturday Mayhem 25 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street

Can it really have been two years since our first Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers special? Last time around we barely scratched the surface of this eleven CD collection of obscure sitar-infused music from the late 60s and early 70s. More psych, pop, folk, prog, jazz and oddball kitsch coming your way in part deux.

Park Rangers of Lake Cocytus

Saturday Mayhem 25 6PM-12AM
Hosted By Teachers AIDS and Monotone Heroine

The soundtracks to the scary, horror, and thriller genres help build the tension of scenes and make the ultimate harrowing reveal more impactful. We'll be worshipping the satanic tracks and spooky sounds that take horror movies to the next level, from the classic films to the avant garde.

Uncle Sam and the Swastika

Sunday Mayhem 26 12PM-7PM
Hosted By Dave Emory

Uncle Sam and the Swastika

Golden Warriors

Monday Mayhem 27 10AM-6PM
Hosted By Dave Emory

Golden Warriors

A Spoonful of Dixon: The Music and Legacy of Willie Dixon

Tuesday Mayhem 28 at 10AM - 2PM
Hosted by Lucky Jae and Jack Tar

An overview of the man and his music as well as offshoots of Willie Dixon. This will highlight artists who have taken Willie Dixon songs into new directions, from British Blues to Punk; Cream to Captain Beefheart, to Hindu Love Gods.

Diamonds are Forever: Revisiting Jack Diamond's House of Games

Wednesday Mayhem 29 at 2 PM- 6PM
Hosted by Lucky Jae and Jack Tar

Pulling from the vast collection left to KFJC by the late KFJC DJ Jack Diamond, your hosts touch up quintessential selections and memories.

Nessa Records and the Art Ensemble

Friday Mayhem 31 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Goodwrench

Nessa Records was formed in 1967 by Chuck Nessa and was instrumental in documenting the early years of the Art Ensemble of Chicago. This special focuses on early Nessa releases featuring the embryonic Art Ensemble.

Nonesuch Records and the Electronic Conection

Friday Mayhem 31 10PM-2AM
Hosted By Goodwrench

Nonesuch Records was formed in 1964 as a budget classic label, but found itself championing electronic music in the late Sixties, going as far as to commission important works by composers like Morton Subotnick. This special will examine early work from electronic composers like Subotnick, George Crumb, Charles Dodge, and others on the Nonesuch label.

The Eagle Has Landed Special

Saturday July 20 at 12PM-3PM
Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. Countdown begins at noon! With your host Buddy Love.

KFJC's 60th Anniversary

Sunday October 20
Happy 60th Anniversary to KFJC! Stay tuned for details on a celebratory Open House at the station on the Foothill College campus in Los Altos Hills, California.

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