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Short descriptions of Mayhem Specials

M Is For Mayday

Wednesday Mayhem 1 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Joe Ed
It's all about the 13th letter. Artists and titles that begin with M.

Doing it to Death (start)

Doing it to Death

Friday Mayhem 3 begins Thursday 10PM to Friday 10PM
Hosted by Spliff Skankin', Danny Detroit, John Hell, Ricky Vincent, Soul Patrol Collective, Kevin O'Dante and more.
The annual birthday tribute to the godfather of soul, the minister of the new new super heavy funk, soul brother number one, the hardest working man in show business, James Brown. Live recordings, alternative tracks, extended jams, oddities and rarities, interviews and testimonials. Join us for the James Brown hairstyle and dance contests, a funky good time is guaranteed for all.

Resource Connection

Friday Mayhem 3 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench
This special is a focus on the work of four UK-based artists (Tim Wright, Rupert Brewer, Steve Cooper, and John Dalby) who all played an outsider role in the late great outsider techno label General Production Recordings, best known for promoting ground-breaking electronic music from artists like Black Dog, Luke Slater/7th Plain, and Beaumont Hannant. Wright, Brewer, Cooper, and Dalby all contributed to the short-lived (but rater nifty) York, UK label Resource Records, and collaborated on other projects after Resource's demise Expect some of the finest techno you've never heard.

An Audience With The Don

Monday Mayhem 6 6AM-10AM
Hosted by Roland Blunt
Don Caballero (formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1991) pioneered what became known as Math Rock (an experimental blend of instrumental rock, post-hardcore punk, noise rock, and minimalism) with their release of 5 highly influential albums, on the Chicago-based Touch And Go Label, between 1993 and 2000. Treat your ears to a 4-hour onslaught of asymmetrical time signatures, complex rhythmic structures, dissonant chords and angular melodies.

Traditional Themes in Bluegrass

Monday Mayhem 6 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin
A special focused on typical themes in bluegrass music. Bluegrass songs are often about the hardships of rural life. Common themes are nostalgia for home, mother and dad, lost love, and trains. Hosted by Sally Goodin

I Am Not a Number: The Music of The Prisoner

Monday Mayhem 6 2PM-7PM
Hosted by Sir Cumference
In October of 1967 the television series The Prisoner changed the face of television. With its puzzling plots and psychedelically influenced design, over seventeen weeks viewers were left scratching their heads over the weekly plots, and the final reveal. Aiding in creating the strange atmosphere was a mixture of original music composed for the series and selections from the Chappell Recorded Music Library. Tranquil, brassy, kooky and mysterious, these music cues are a large part of what made The Prisoner the iconic series that it has been for over 45 years.

Australian Punkers- '73-'85

Monday Mayhem 6 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Greta Clue
A brief history of Australian punk, post punk, and art rock. Everyone talks about the American and British scenes, but who is down to go down under? I'm game.

Bad Legal Habits

Tuesday Mayhem 7 12PM-4PM
Hosted by Mickey Slim and abacus finch
An amalgamation of Slim's blues and Abacus' sounds into a cut-and-paste four hour long segment (taken from two hours of each of the DJs shows). Expect Mississippi Delta Skronk, Post-War Chicago Noise, Experimental Hokum Improv, Rhythm and Thrash, and Death Metal Zydeco, Minimalist Harmonica Jams, Acid Boogie, and Freegrass.

The Broken Heart Of Man: Part 1: Black Sun

Tuesday Mayhem 7 10PM-2AM
The Broken Heart Of Man: Your Guide To David Tibet and Current 93, part 1: Black Sun:
Hosted by Tommy Katkins
Lord Gravestench's familiar, Tommy Katkins, takes you on a chronological journey through the phantasmagoric world of existential horror and ecstatic spirituality created by British poet, sound artist, painter, scholar and mystic David Tibet, via his forever-changing musical collective Current 93. Part 1 will cover early 'industrial' works and the first flirtations with folk music.

Movies on the Radio

Wednesday Mayhem 8 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Joe Ed
It was not unusual for a hit movie to be adapted for radio, often with the original cast.

Children's Songs of All Ages

Wednesday Mayhem 8 7PM-9PM
Hosted by Jersey Girl
Get on the merry-go-round and join hands, skip down the road, and sometimes fall into a heap (or to sleep?). Listen to sweet, silly songs of yesteryear and be amazed (and sometimes frightened) at what you can find now.

Stih Tsetaerg of the 60's, 70's and 80's

Wednesday Mayhem 8 9PM-10PM
Hosted by Jersey Girl
Put your car in reverse and listen to the greatest hits of the 60's, 70's, and 80's, backwards (or sdrawkcab as the case may be).

8 on 8

Wednesday Mayhem 8 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Dominic Trix
4 straight hours of 8 track tapes.

Top of the Morning--A Cup of Irish Coffee

Thursday Mayhem 9 7AM-10AM
Hosted by Pax Humana
A search through KFJC's International Library to unearth musical jewels either about, from, or distantly related to the Emerald Isle.

Ascension Day

Thursday Mayhem 9 1PM-7PM
Hosted by Max Level
John Coltrane's landmark 1965 release "Ascension" was a controversial recording, the culmination of Coltrane's search for spirituality expressed in the chaotic black free jazz vocabulary of the turbulent 1960s. The original recording was called genius by many, and unlistenable by many others. We'll hear that original version and at least five modern interpretations of the piece, illustrating the possibilities of this historic composition. Emphasis on the Rova Saxophone Quartet's ongoing "Electric Ascension" project. Interviews and unreleased recordings are also on the bill.

The Scientology Remix Project

Thursday Mayhem 9 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Mr. Pumpkinhead and Phineas Narco
Mr. Pumpkinhead is back along with Phineas Narco. Join them, as they deconstruct Scientology in this psychedelic 4-hour live, and lively, collage mix.

Sound Machine of Limitless Capacity

Friday Mayhem 10 2PM-6PM
Hosted by abacus finch
Multi-instrumentalist/composer/improviser Zeena Parkins has extended the language of the acoustic harp with the inventive use of unusual playing techniques, preparations, and layers of electronic processing. For 4 hours we will explore her career through music, interviews and a live performance in KFJC's Pit.

One-Stop Shopping: Store-Based Electronic Music Labels, Pt. 1

Friday Mayhem 10 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench
Brick-and-mortar electronic music stores have a special role as places where DJs and producers can meet and exchange ideas. They sometimes also branch out into the music production business. This special will showcase music from several store-based labels, including Kompakt, Worm Interface, Solid Grooves/Solid Trax, Sonic Groove, Temple Records, A-Musik, Hardwax, Rush Hour,and Submerge, among others.

Monday Beatdown Tribute

Saturday Mayhem 11 12PM-3PM
Hosted by Japanic
Dedicating some air time to the late Ken Hamilton and his super dope rap show which aired on KFJC during the late 90's. Tune in and check some raucous rap radio recordings from the "The Monday Beatdown" archives.

Surf Music Combo Swell

Saturday Mayhem 11 6PM-10PM
Hosted by Cousin Mary.
Join Cousin Mary for a combo swell when the Wave of the West meets the wave of surf music. First explore surf bands whose members include female musicians. Then hear a variety of surf tracks based on the Classical and Jazz genres. Kick out with a live performance from .

Hank Williams and his Music

Monday Mayhem 13 10AM to 2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin
Hank Williams (1923-1953) is regarded as one of the most important country artists of all time. Despite his short life, his music continues to be a major influence. This special will present not only recordings of Hank Williams, but also recordings of other musicians performing his songs, as well as songs about Hank Williams.

The 2013 Eurovision Song Mayhem Special

Monday Mayhem 13 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Sir Cumference
A presentation of the 39 entries to this year's Eurovision Song Contest being held in Sweden. Along the way, we'll be also hear some the past participants from the contest's 58 year history. We'll hear the good, the bad and the cheesiest pop songs from all over Europe.

Eeyore's Electronic Corner

Monday Mayhem 13 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Pete Dixon, Earl Grey and Joe Shlabotnic
KFJC staff member Alan Turnbaugh, a.k.a. Eeyore, tragically passed away over 5 years ago but left a record collection with many gems, including a fine selection of electronic music. It's this section of Eeyore's legacy that we will be presenting this year in his memory.

Dangerhouse Records- Live Fast, Die Broke

Monday Mayhem 13 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Greta Clue
Dangerhouse records was a short lived, but super important LA punk label. Financially woes put them out of biz, but not before they put out some of the best LA punk '77-'80 had to offer. Greta Clue gives Black Randy, The Bags, The Eyes, The Alleycats, and many more some sonic luv.

Mississippi Mud Jam

Tuesday Mayhem 14 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Lucy Rose and Micky Slim
Showcasing the works of Mississippi Records, a label based in Portland, Oregon specializing in reissues and limited pressings of old school blues, gospel, folk, country, obscure international from Thailand to Ethiopia and beyond, and even a bit of lo-fi garage and punk. Four hours of nothing but vinyl and crackly candy for your ears. An on air phone interview with Eric Isaacson who runs the label will be included.

Straight Up and Down 17 West

Tuesday Mayhem 14 2PM-6PM
Hosted by abacus finch
In 6 short years before his untimely death, Eric Dolphy made a lasting impression on the world of jazz dismantling the wall separating the mainstream from freer forms. For four hours we will explore his career from working with Chico Hamilton and Charles Mingus to becoming a bandleader. Go Out To Lunch for a day!

The Broken Heart Of Man: Part 2: Bloody Moon

Tuesday Mayhem 14 10PM-2AM
The Broken Heart Of Man: Your Guide To David Tibet and Current 93, part 2: Bloody Moon
Hosted by Tommy Katkins
Lord Gravestench's familiar, Tommy Katkins, takes you on a chronological journey through the phantasmagoric world of existential horror and ecstatic spirituality created by British poet, sound artist, painter, scholar and mystic David Tibet, via his forever-changing musical collective Current 93. Part 2 will cover the bulk of the 'apocalyptic folk' period, as well as more recent, less classifiable experiments.

Bukowski Mayhem

Wednesday Mayhem 15 2AM-6AM
Hosted by Will Dennison and Mike Ryko
4 hours of poetry and prose from everyone's favorite dirty old man, Charles Bukowski. Readings by hosts Will Dennison and Mike Ryko along with some archival recordings of the dog himself.

Ladies First

Thursday Mayhem 16 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Dianthus
From the early divas to the lyric splitting assassins, female rappers have had to work hard to compete in a male dominated hip-hop world. From the streets to your ears, we will take you through the boundary-breaking history of these unique female artists who express themselves with lyrical skill and feminine will.

Malditos Live Mic

Friday Mayhem 17 at 8:PM
Oakland-based perform their dark zone desert psychedelia live in the KFJC pit...intertwining the scenes/seances. Hosted by Maybelline.

One-Stop Shopping: Store-Based Electronic Music Labels, Pt. 2

Friday Mayhem 17 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench
Brick-and-mortar electronic music stores have a special role as places where DJs and producers can meet and exchange ideas. They sometimes also branch out into the music production business. This special will showcase music from several store-based labels, including Kompakt, Worm Interface, Solid Grooves/Solid Trax, Sonic Groove, Temple Records, A-Musik, Hardwax, Rush Hour,and Submerge, among others.

Battle of the Surf Bands

Saturday Mayhem 18 from 1 to 5PM @
at 4627 Pacific Coast Highway, Pacifica, CA.
Cousin Mary hosts the KFJC Battle of the Surf Bands. This is the sixth in a series of celebrations of live surf music . Each of the 16(!) bands gets a 15 minute set. Live audio broadcast and video webcast. Doors open at Noon and music starts at 1PM. $10 admission to benefit KFJC.


Marie's The Name

Saturday Mayhem 18 5PM-6PM
Hosted by Max Level
Songs about girls named Marie. Why? Well, why not?

Isn't it Wonderful?

Sunday Mayhem 19 Midnight-3AM
Hosted by Dianthus.
Tales from the musical adventures of the great self-taught musician Stevie Wonder. Overcoming challenges of poverty and a disability this soul singing, multi-instrumentalist won the world over at the age of 11 when he signed his first record deal. Join us as we explore Stevie's rare bodies of work, live sessions and a brief history of this gifted musical legend.

Praying to the Aliens

Sunday Mayhem 19 12PM-3PM
Hosted by SAL9000.
Since 1979, Gary Numan, the English synth pop singer, has been widely known for his thick robotic sound with song lyrics about depression and alienation. This show explores Numan's music styles from synth pop to more recent gothic industrial.

Ratskin Records

Sunday Mayhem 19 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Surfer Rosa
Showcasing the weird and warped sounds of the experimental, Oakland based record label. The special will feature live performances from Ratskin Records artists as well as an on air interview with the folks running the label.

Women in Country Music

Monday Mayhem 20 10AM to 2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin
An informal survey of women singers in country music, from the 1940s through the 1990s.

The 78 Survey

Monday Mayhem 20 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Sir Cumference
It's bigger... Heavier... Faster. It's the 78 Survey. Sir Cumference digs through a dusty box of 78 rpm records for a randomly arranged mix of high-bandwidth audio recordings from yesteryear!

Tales of the 8-second Orchestra: The Mellotron Special, part 10

Monday Mayhem 20 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Pete Dixon, Earl Grey and Joe Shlabotnic
KFJC's Mellotronic researchers have unearthed yet more examples of music featuring this unusual keyboard instrument. It was effectively the first sampler, and was originally intended to be used for family entertainment in the home, but when some 60's pop and prog bands started using it, there was no holding it back! Sadly forgotten following the advent of digital synthesizers and samplers, it underwent a revival of interest in recent years, thanks to a number of contemporary artists who discovered the appeal of its unique sound and quirky nature.

Ladies Of Easy Virtue

Monday Mayhem 20 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Greta Clue
This ones for the ladies.. of the night. A sonic celebration of hookers, prostitutes, and the oldest profession.

Fonal-phile Fantasies

Tuesday Mayhem 21 2PM-6PM
Hosted by abacus finch
Four hour flight through the fantastical freak fairyland of Finnish label Fonal Records.

Dark was the Night: The Gospel of Blind Willie Johnson

Tuesday Mayhem 21 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Art Crimes
Blind Willie Johnson was born in Texas in 1897. Blinded as a child, allegedly through a violent act by his stepmother, he had dreams of becoming a preacher. He made his first guitar from a cigar box. In 1927, he started recording for Columbia - a total of 30 songs, most of them with religious themes. He sang in the streets for spare change and later ran a church, the House of Prayer in Beaumont, TX. His home burned down in 1945 and he spent the rest of his days living in the ruins until illness resulted his death. His actual gravesite is unknown to this day. Yet his small catalog of songs were rediscovered and performed by artists ranging from other bluesmen like Son House, to folk revisionists like Ry Cooder and John Fahey, and to the blues-based explorations of the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, and Nick Cave. Johnson's song "Dark Was the Night" was selected to travel into outer space on the Voyager spacecraft as a sample of the sounds of Earth, along with such distinguished company as Mozart, Beethoven, and Stravinsky. We'll hear a wide variety of interpretations from Johnson's catalog of visionary gospel, as well as the original Columbia recordings.

A Night and Day of the Sun (start)

A Night and Day of the Sun

Wednesday Mayhem 22 begins Tuesday 10PM to Thursday 2AM
Hosted by Spliff Skankin', Nancy Reagan, Roland Blunt, Dominic Trix, abacus finch, The Jazz Collective and others.
Join KFJC for a trip through outer space with the music of Sun Ra and his Arkestra. Hear live recordings, alternative takes, rehearsal sessions, lectures, interviews, testimonials, oddities and rarities. What planet is this?! Calling planet earth and all it's space cadets, 89.7fm will be the place on the 22nd of Mayhem.

The Lighthouse Search

Thursday Mayhem 23 7AM-8AM
Hosted by Pax Humana
An exploration of how lighthouses have influenced music at KFJC. Searching for the Holy Grail of music by examining tracks that have lighthouses as their inspiration.

Punk Rock High - Reform School Girl Version

Friday Mayhem 24 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Maybelline and Reject Girl
3 hours of bad ass punk rock!

David Moufang - the Best Electronic Producer You Never Heard

Friday Mayhem 24 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench
Heidelberg, Germany-based producer David Moufang has over 20 years of work under his belt, including the Source label (with Jonas Grossman), collaborations with Jonah Sharp and Pete Namlook (R.I.P.), and other projects under a variety of aliases. He's still relatively unregarded. You should pay better attention - find out why.

The Mini Detest-A-Thon

Saturday Mayhem 25 2AM-4AM
The Mini Detest-A-Thon: a survey of the musical obsession with loathing:
Hosted by Naysayer
"I Hate..." is a title used for numerous songs from many genres of music. The list of what people hate and want to sing about may seem obvious: the rich, the police, kids, school. Sometimes, though, there are surprises. Listen in as Naysayer explores some of the best, worst, oddest and most surprising things that make folks want to sing "I Hate...."

The Taiga Region

Saturday Mayhem 25 3PM-6PM
Hosted by Max Level
A look at Minnesota's Taiga Records, home of high quality, artfully packaged vinyl releases in limited editions. The label's unique aesthetic sense and attention to detail are exceptional. Taiga embraces many genres of sound including drone, improvised, noise, jazz, field recordings, ambient, and electronic. We'll have interviews, new releases, and more.

Son of Powerpearls!

Saturday Mayhem 25 9PM-Midnight
Hosted by Zero Gravity
Part one was last year...this year it's part two of Zero Gravity's excavation of the best and rarest of the golden age of Power Pop worldwide, 1978-1982! Pointy shoes and Chuck Taylors, skinny ties and t-shirts!

Day of the Dead

Sunday Mayhem 26 Midnight to Monday 2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench and others.
They're dead, that's all.

Day of the Dead (end)

Skafunkrastapunks: The Life & Times of Skankin' Pickle

Monday Mayhem 27 6AM-10AM
Hosted by Roland Blunt
A sonic celebration of Skankin' Pickle...a south bay area ska/punk band that crested the third wave from 1989-1996. Selections will be played from their 4 studio albums, their 1 live album and, hopefully, their rare 1990 demo cassette. In addition, interviews with several band members will be feature...along with works from post-Pickle projects such as Neosoreskin, The Bruce Lee Band, 78 RPM's, The Impalers, and others.

George Jones - The Greatest Country Voice of All Time

Monday Mayhem 27 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin
George Jones is considered by many to be the best country singer, ever. Born in Texas in 1931, his parents gave him his first guitar at age 9, and he is still performing.

Stand By for Action

Monday Mayhem 27 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Sir Cumference and Sci-Fi Bob Eckman
Sir Cumferene and his special guest Sci-Fi Bob take an auditory tour through the music of Barry Gray. Probably best known as the composer of the Supermarionation series Thunderbirds, Gray had a long relationship with producer Gerry Anderson from his first series The Adventures of Twizzle (1956) through the first season of Space: 1999 (1975).

The Stomp Box: History of Sound

Monday Mayhem 27 6PM-10PM
Hosted by Andy Cadaver and Paul Trombetta
Over the last 45 years, the effects pedal has transformed the sonic landscape by adding infinite new colors and textures. From classic fuzz to modern modulation, from Jimi Hendrix to Nels Cline, this 4 hour special will play the music and fill in the behind-the-scenes blanks of how pedals are built and used. With special in studio guest Paul Trombetta, of Tromobetta Designs, builder of high-end dirt boxes and walking encyclopedia of sound.

Operation Rudiment

Tuesday Mayhem 28 2AM-6AM
Hosted by Roland Blunt
Celebrating the work of two influential bands that were born out of the East Bay/924 Gilman Street punk scene, and grew to epitomize the ska/punk sound careening around the Bay Area in the late 1980's/Early 1990's, Operation Ivy (1987-1989) and Los Rudiments (1990-1996). Songs will be featured that appeared on the Hectic EP & Energy LP from Op Ivy, as well as the Psychoska & Bitch Bitch Bitch LP's from The Rudiments.

Such A Queen: A Tribute to Queen and Freddie Mercury

Tuesday Mayhem 28 6AM-10AM
Hosted by Cadillac Margarita
Who doesn't love (A) Queen? They have inspired many musicians over the years with their theatrical glam rock, and front man Freddie Mercury was one of the greatest stage performers and rock vocalists ever!!!

Eyegoo for Aagoo

Tuesday Mayhem 28 2PM-6PM
Hosted by abacus finch
Aagoo Records, a label out of New Jersey, seeks to link music from around the globe through the common connective tissue of creativity and originality. With artists like Father Murphy, Israel Martinez, and Colin Stetson, Aagoo covers both a wide musical and geographical range.

Name That Game

Tuesday Mayhem 28 6PM-7PM
Hosted by HackersMuse
HackersMuse hosts musical Mayhem games, bringing you an eclectic selection of songs from, and inspired by, video games. Put your 1337 gamer knowledge to the test and call in to Name That Game for fabulous loot!

M Is For Mystery, D is for Dick

Wednesday Mayhem 29 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Joe Ed
M is For Mystery, D is For Dick
When you have a problem and the cops can't help, or when you have a problem that requires discretion and no cops at all, you hire your own Private Detective. But you may get more than you bargained for. From Sam Spade to Candy Matson, from Nero Wolfe to the peerless Pat Novak, this is all about your favorite Dick for Hire.


Thursday Mayhem 30 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Nancy Pagan
Nancy Pagan steps into a dead man's shoes to descend the spiral stair and the circle of eternal return, to hear the voices of the damned and the possessed in defiance of the dominant paradigm. We'll explore the sacred texts of Qumran in a superimposition a la Burroughs and Gysin, and then revel in Psychedelia and metal in order to achieve disorder and derangement of the senses.

Chance Meeting at the Rock 'n' Roll Station

Friday Mayhem 31 6-10:PM
In 1979, three twenty-something year old, obsessive record collectors from London jumped at a chance opportunity to record their own album. And when it was finished, they included in the liner notes an extensive list of bands who had had an influence. They called themselves Nurse With Wound. More than thirty years later, Abacus Finch, Roland Blunt, and Nozmo King will attempt to wade into the shallow end of the , attempting to make sense of it all.

Source Records Roundup

Friday Mayhem 31 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench
Source Records was started in 1992 in Heidelberg, Germany by David Moufang and Jonas Grossman, and continued until 2006. Source released a number of projects by Moufang and Grossman, but also included work from many other lesser known players such as Vulva, Sad Rockets, True Frequencies, System 360, Redagain P, Elfish Echo, and many others.Tune in for a tour of a rather well-stoked musical menagerie...

Hamiet Bluiett - Baritone Sax

Friday June 14 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Goodwrench
Hamiet Bluiett is one of the finest practitioners of the baritone sax in this (and the last) century. He started his career of one of the founding members of the St. Louis-based Black Artists group and worked in NYC with Charles Mingus and Sam Rivers, among others. He is also one of the founding members of the World Saxophone Quartet. This special will be a brief introduction to over 50 years of stellar jazz.

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